Updates to the Tailscale client and service.

Tailscale v1.30.1

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  • Fixed: Exit nodes in userspace-networking mode break Chrome v.104 or later IPv6 connectivity
  • Fixed: SIGINT when running in a container without job control

Tailscale v1.30.0

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All Platforms
  • New: Use DNS-over-HTTPS for Mullvad DNS servers
  • New: Report whether a subnet router is running in userspace-networking or kernel mode
  • New: send Tailscale client version number in ACME requests (to Let’s Encrypt, for example)
  • New: Report whether host kernel supports IPv6
  • New: Add tailscale licenses with link to open source licenses
  • Changed: Delete node immediately if tailscaled exists and was using mem: state storage
  • Changed: tsnet ephemeral nodes will delete themselves on Close()
  • Changed: Add a timeout when writing to BIRD socket
  • Changed: Clients can use Noise with any HTTPS port with capver 39 (mainly for Headscale)
  • Fixed: will respond with SERVFAIL if there are no upstream resolvers
  • Fixed: Gracefully handle restarts in resolved support
  • Changed: Report variant (App Store, system extension) in the about box
  • Fixed: Fix missing IP address display in the status menu
  • New: Add native ARM build for backend Tailscale service (only in NSIS installer in this release)
  • Changed: Update Proxy support
  • Changed: Notice when group policy entries change and move our NRPT rules between the local and group policy subkeys as needed
  • Fixed: Avoid 2.3 second DNS lookup delay when Smart Name Resolution is enabled by adding MagicDNS names to hosts file
  • Fixed: Disable NetBIOS nameservice on Tailscale interfaces
  • Fixed: Fix potential crash in notification handling
  • Fixed: Fix dismissing of error indication if a bugreport fails
  • New: Allow coordination server URL to be set. Click the Authentication menu three times quickly to enable
  • Fixed: Fix Google Stadia, Android Auto, GoPro, and Messages RCS with the VPN active
  • Fixed: Fix /dev/net permissions in tailscale configure-host
  • New: Support functioning as a subnet router or exit node using hybrid netstack mode
  • Fixed: Accommodate shared nodes in nginx-auth
  • Fixed: Fix race in derper (Custom DERP servers) with manual certificates

Share invite links without a label

  • Changed: Invite links for sharing a device are automatically generated and copied, and no longer requires a label to be generated

OneCGNATRoute setting, custom derp server upgrade

  • New: The network policy options section in ACLs now contains the OneCGNATRoute setting which controls the routes that Tailscale clients will generate
  • Fixed: Bug that can cause slow connects and a crash in a custom DERP server in manual cert mode (not using Let’s Encrypt). We encourage you to upgrade your derper binary. If you use the default Let’s Encrypt mode, no action is required


  • New: Netgate has added Tailscale support to the pfSense package repository. (Thanks!) Read more

Tailscale v1.28.0

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  • New: Add ExitNodeStatus to tailscale status --json
  • Fixed: Fix tailscale ping -c N to properly exit after N ping requests even if there are timeouts
  • Changed: MagicDNS recursive resolution now returns SERVFAIL if all upstream resolvers fail
  • Changed: portmapper: Send discovery packet for IGD specifically, some routers don’t respond to ssdp:all
  • Changed: Implement specific DNS support for AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure to add internal split DNS domain and fallback DNS
  • Changed: Use one large route entry if there are no other interfaces using CGNAT, to avoid Network Changed errors in browsers where possible
  • Fixed: Suppress nonfunctional link-local IPv6 addresses on Tailscale interface, PowerShell ping (hostname) now works correctly
  • Changed: Set registry values to not send DNS changes concerning our interface to AD domain controllers
  • Changed: Update Windows split DNS settings to work alongside other NRPT entries set by group policy
  • Changed: Set AllowSameVersionUpgrades attribute on MajorUpgrade tag in Windows MSI script
  • New: Add portmapper support for NAT-PMP, PCP, UPnP
  • New: Add MagicDNS support for TCP
  • Changed: The minimum iOS version is now iOS 15, which makes substantially more memory available (the App Store will offer Tailscale 1.26.2 for iOS 13 and 14 devices)
  • New: Android can now be an exit node (previously available but hidden)

Tailscale v1.26.2

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All Platforms
  • Fixed: tailscaled being able to restart while mosh-server is running from an SSH session
  • Fixed: Make tailscale up --operator="" clear a previously set operator
  • Changed: Limit SSH login to 16 groups
  • Changed: Make SSH command prefer Windows ssh.exe over PATH

DNS records for shared devices

  • Fixed: Sharing a device with a tailnet domain alias now lets the share recipient also use the shared device’s * DNS name

Tailscale SSH

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  • New: Use Tailscale SSH to allow Tailscale to manage the authentication and authorization of SSH connections in your tailnet (beta)
  • Changed: Default ACL now allows users to access their own devices using Tailscale SSH with check mode. This only affects tailnets with default ACLs, including new tailnets and tailnets which have never modified their ACLs

Tailscale v1.26.0

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All Platforms
  • New: Add --peerapi <peer> flag in tailscale ping to check connectivity to a peer using the PeerAPI
  • New: Add --timeout <duration> flag in tailscale up to enforce a maximum amount of time to wait for the Tailscale service to initialize
  • New: Allow LoginInteractive via LocalAPI
  • New: MagicDNS supports DNS/TCP and handling IP fragmented UDP frames
  • New: Add an overall 10 second timeout for recursive MagicDNS queries
  • New: Add Wake-on-LAN function to PeerAPI. There is no UI for it currently.
  • New: Provide / as an entrypoint for Docker container builds
  • Fixed: Configured MTU is now consistent between a TUN device and a userspace device
  • Changed: Refactor package with LocalClient type
  • Changed: Change MagicDNS “via route” DNS names from “via-SITEID.” to “”. The old format will continue to work for the next one or two releases.
  • Changed: Build with Go 1.18.3
  • New: Tailscaled-on-macOS now supports MagicDNS, including Split DNS
  • New: Initial release of a standalone macOS client, which is independent of the App Store, in the stable track
  • New: Add TS_NOLAUNCH property to allow admins to deploy silent MSI installs without automatically starting the GUI
  • Fixed: MagicDNS lookup of own hostname
  • Fixed: Handle more than 50 Split DNS domains
  • Fixed: Resolve one source of shutdown delay (there may still be more)
  • New: Allow the NAS disks to hibernate by moving telemetry buffering to tmpfs
  • Changed: Improve HTTP proxy handling
  • New: Bug report menu option in the UI

Search, role filtering, and pagination now supported in the Users page

  • New: Search for users and filter based on user role in the Users page
  • New: Pagination when user list is large in the Users page

Autogroup:members as a tag owner

  • New: autogroup:members as a tag owner, to enable device tagging by any user who is a direct member (not a shared user) of the tailnet

Tailscale v1.24.2

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  • Fixed: Handling of HTTP proxies in certain circumstances
  • Fixed: An issue where the new control plane protocol could fail to make a connection to our servers (#4557)
    • Fixed: Additional fix in handling of HTTP proxies

Tailscale v1.24.1

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All Platforms
  • Fixed: Two issues where the new control plane protocol could fail to make a connection to our servers (#4544, #4538)
  • Fixed: Set TCP keep-alives in userspace-networking subnet router to avoid connection leaks (#4522)
  • Fixed: Avoid using the LTE radio after transition to Wi-Fi

Tailscale v1.24.0

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All Platforms
  • New: Initial support for site-relative IPv4 addressing using IPv6
  • New: First for-keepsies deployment of ts2021 protocol
  • New: tsnet now supports providing a custom ipn.StateStore
  • Fixed: Improve netstack performance via better GC tuning
  • Fixed: MagicDNS: PTR records for TS service IPs
  • Changed: Build with Go 1.18
  • New: taildrop: add file get --loop
  • New: taildrop: add file get --conflict=(skip|overwrite|rename)
  • Changed: Default to userspace-networking mode on gokrazy
  • Changed: Set tailscale0 link speed to UNKNOWN, not 1Gbps
  • Changed: Attempt to load the xt_mark kernel module when it is not present
  • Fixed: Improve HTTPS proxy handling
  • Fixed: Improve HTTPS proxy handling
  • New: Android TV support
  • Fixed: Fix and reintroduce Talkback support
  • Fixed: Portmapping support

Filter on user state, and view Last seen date, in the Users page

  • New: Filter based on user state (Active, Inactive, and Suspended) in the Users page
  • New: Last seen column in the Users page

ACL tests now support group in syntax

  • New: ACL tests now support group as an option for the src field, and as the host portion of the accept and deny fields.

ACL tests now support accept/deny syntax

  • New: Policy syntax for ACL tests now supports accept/deny in addition to allow/deny when specifying destinations that the ACL rules should accept or deny.


  • New: ACL rules can use autogroup:members to write rules to allow access for users who are direct members (not shared users) of the tailnet

Tailscale v1.22.1

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All Platforms
  • Fixed: In userspace-networking mode, always close SOCKS proxied connections
  • Fixed: Better operation with gokrazy
  • Fixed: Fix macOS GUI “Must restart” dialog in some cases
  • Fixed: Fix a Windows NSIS installer bug when upgrading
  • Fixed: Fix portmapping

Tailscale v1.22.0

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All Platforms
  • New: DERP Return Path Optimization (DRPO), allows a pair of nodes in different DERP regions to connect more quickly by only requiring one side to connect to the other, cutting down some DERP setup latency
  • New: tailscaled --state=mem: registers as an ephemeral node and does not store state to disk
  • New: tailscale status --json now shows Tags and PrimaryRoutes for Peers. PrimaryRoutes shows whether a HA subnet router is currently the active one.
  • New: tailscale status --json | jq .TailnetName will show the name of the tailnet
  • New: The optional tailscaled debug server’s Prometheus metrics exporter now also includes Go runtime metrics
  • New: tailscaled supports a new TS_PERMIT_CERT_UID environment variable containing either a userid or username to allow to fetch Tailscale TLS certificates for the node. This environment variable can be set in /etc/default/tailscaled to permit non-root web servers on the local machine to fetch certs from tailscaled.
  • Fixed: Send heartbeats less often, saving some battery, matching v1.20 change on mobile platforms.
  • Changed: --auth-key and --authkey both work as tailscale up arguments
  • Fixed: More robust detection of systemd-resolved
  • Fixed: Efficiently parse extremely large /proc/net/route files
  • Fixed: Be more helpful in suggesting tailscale --operator=USER to use with Taildrop
  • Fixed: Some broken host DNS configurations are now detected and reported in tailscale status
  • New: MSI installer
  • Fixed: Reject SIDs from deleted/invalid security principals to avoid failed to look up user from userid error
  • Changed: Add /var/packages/Tailscale/target/bin/tailscale configure-host to restore needed permissions. We recommend adding this as a scheduled task at boot.

ACL rules now support src/dst syntax

  • New: Policy syntax for ACL rules now supports src/dst in addition to users/ports when referring to sources and destinations

Preview rules bug fixes

  • Fixed: Preview rules in the admin console does not confuse access for tagged nodes with other tagged nodes (#3957)
  • Fixed: Preview rules no longer shows autogroup:self for all tagged nodes
  • Fixed: Preview rules no longer shows an error if there is an autogroup:self rule

Tailscale v1.20.4

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All Platforms
  • Fixed: DNS lookups via an exit node in many cases
  • Fixed: Better handling of extremely large /proc/net/route files for very large routers
  • Fixed: BGP advertisement with subnet router failover
  • Fixed: openresolv /etc/resolv.conf handling

ACL tags General Availability

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  • Changed: ACL tags (generally available)
    • You can include tags as part of an authentication key, you can tag devices from the admin console, and tags can be owners of other tags. You must authenticate when re-tagging a device.
  • Fixed: Preview rules in the admin console for a user without any nodes

Tagged devices are managed by a tag, not a user

  • Changed: A device tagged with an ACL tag is associated with the tag applied to it, not with the user who authenticated the device
  • Changed: Tagged devices are listed under “Tagged Devices” in the list of Network devices in Tailscale clients
  • Changed: Users cannot use Taildrop to send files to and from nodes they have tagged
  • Fixed: A user without any nodes can be specified as part of an ACL test

Tailscale v1.20.0

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All Platforms
  • New: When using an exit node, DNS queries will be forwarded to the exit node for resolution
  • New: tailscaled now allows running the outgoing SOCKS5 and HTTP proxies on the same port.
  • New: SOCKS5/HTTP proxies now allow connecting via subnet routers & exit nodes when run in userspace-networking mode
  • New: More debug metrics available
  • New: tailscale ip -1 flag
  • New: CLI now lets you select exit node by name
  • New: CLI now shows you which nodes are offering exit nodes
  • New: CLI now refuses to let you pick an invalid exit node (when connected)
  • New: Packet filter now supports matching any IP protocol number when enabled in ACLs (previously only TCP, UDP, ICMP and SCTP)
  • New: Added Online boolean to tailscale status --json, made tailscale status show offline nodes
  • New: Added tailscale up --json
  • Fixed: MagicDNS now works over IPv6 when CGNAT IPv4 is disabled using disableIPv4: true in ACL
  • Fixed: Choose a new DERP relay server if the current DERP is removed from the DERPmap
  • Fixed: Bug fixes, cleanups, log spam reduction
  • Changed: tailscale file cp sends via the local tailscaled now, so it now supports tailscaled running in tun-free, userspace-networking mode (such as on Synology DSM7 unless you enable TUN mode)
  • New: GUI support for running an exit node
  • New: GUI support for running an exit node
  • Changed: Send heartbeats less often to conserve battery
  • New: Talkback support
  • New: Menu selection to generate a bug report
  • New: “Allow LAN Access” checkbox in Exit Node menu
  • Changed: Send heartbeats less often to conserve battery
  • Changed: Implement DNS config reporting
  • Changed: No longer require fallback DNS to be configured in admin console
  • Fixed: Report in the UI when connectivity is lost; this functionality was present but broken in prior releases
  • Fixed: Now supports running in a jail (if devd isn’t available, it falls back to network status polling mode)

Tailscale v1.18.2

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All Platforms
  • New: Permit protocols other than TCP, UDP, or SCTP if an ACL rule has a proto specified and allows * port range
  • Fixed: Exit node selection takes effect (almost) immediately
  • Fixed: In DNS DirectManager, allow comments at the end of a line
  • Fixed: Don’t get stuck waiting for systemd-resolved to restart in one particular DNS configuration


  • New: ACLs can now use autogroup:self to write access rules to allow access to devices authenticated as the same user as the source IP address

Tailscale v1.18.1

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  • Fixed: Regressions on some kernel configs related to our direct use of netlink rather than using the ip command to program routes and policy routing

Tailscale v1.18

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All Platforms
  • New: tailscaled debug server now exports Prometheus metrics at /debug/metrics
  • Fixed: Improved UPnP discovery so that eero devices now work, allowing a port to be opened for direct connections (also in 1.16.2)
  • Fixed: State machine transition regarding expired key extension
  • Changed: If unable to upload telemetry, limit amount buffered to 50MB
  • Changed: Retry more transient DNS errors, instead of passing the failure back to the client
  • New: Support storing Tailscale state using AWS SSM (e.g., tailscaled -state arn:aws:ssm:eu-west-1:123456789:parameter/foo) (thank you Maxime Visonneau)
  • Fixed: If resolvconf wrote /etc/resolv.conf but pointed it to systemd-resolved, use systemd-resolved for DNS not resolvconf
  • Fixed: If NetworkManager wrote /etc/resolv.conf but pointed it to systemd-resolved, use systemd-resolved for DNS not NetworkManager
  • Fixed: Handle /etc/resolv.conf being a bind mount into a container, such that we cannot rename() it.
  • Fixed: Work around Ubuntu 18.04 setLinkDomain length limit by omitting reverse lookup information
  • Changed: Use AF_NETLINK messages to configure IP, not the ip command. Set TS_DEBUG_USE_IP_COMMAND environment variable to revert to use of /sbin/ip if this breaks your device
  • Changed: On iOS 15+, where Network Extensions have more memory available, allow the same number of DNS-over-HTTPS requests in flight as other platforms
  • Changed: Only use AmbientCaps on DSM7+

IPv4 addresses for ephemeral nodes

  • Changed: Ephemeral nodes now have both IPv6 and IPv4 addresses

Tailscale v1.16

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All Platforms
  • New: Support storage of node state as a Kubernetes secret.
  • New: tailscale up --authkey=file:/path/to/secret support
  • New: tailscale up --qr for QR codes
  • New: tailscaled in userspace-networking mode can now run an HTTP proxy server (in addition to the prior SOCKS5 proxy server support)
  • Fixed: No longer need the while tailscale up; do sleep 0.1; done loops in Docker startup scripts.
  • Fixed: CPU/memory profiling support in tailscale debug
  • Fixed: Bake in LetsEncrypt’s ISRG Root X1 root (also in 1.14.6)
  • Fixed: Support containers with !CAP_NET_RAW and !CAP_NET_ADMIN (like CircleCI runners)
  • Fixed: Service (portlist) scanning optimized; uses much less CPU on busy servers
  • Fixed: Move state to C:\ProgramData (also in 1.14.4)
  • Fixed: Super rare Wireguard packet loop network flood when using a DNS server behind a subnet router, when a macOS device resumes from sleep and the network changes (also iOS, but triggers less there). Fixes #1526 (also in 1.14.6)
  • Fixed: Turn the radio on less often to improve battery performance
  • Fixed: Support Taildrop on older Android releases
  • Fixed: Turn the radio on less often to improve battery performance

QR code for login link

  • New: Specify --qr as part of tailscale up to generate a QR code for the login URL

Tailscale v1.14.6

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All Platforms
  • Changed: Include Let’s Encrypt’s ISRG Root X1 root as an alternate to try if the platform roots fail
  • Changed: If tailscale cert fails because it needs to be run as root, say so.
  • Fixed: Avoid looping packets in tstun, believed to fix #1526
  • Fixed: Allow SOCKS5 proxy for --tun=userspace-networking to dial the HTTPS domain name of the Tailnet
  • Fixed: Ensure state directory is set to perm 0700.
  • Changed: Ignore ipsec link monitor events for iOS to avoid waking the system

Tailscale v1.14.4

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  • Changed: Move state files from C:\Windows to C:\ProgramData, to better handle Windows
  • Fixed: Fix segfaults shortly after starting, resolves #2733

Tailscale v1.14.3

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All Platforms
  • Changed: tailscale up will wait for the socket to tailscaled to be created, not exit with an error. It should no longer be necessary to run it in a loop.
  • Fixed: Crash in TCP forwarding with userspace-networking; resolves #2658
  • Fixed: Default route lookup on Windows; resolves #2707

Note: v1.14.1 and v1.14.2 were never released.