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Pricing & Plans FAQ

General questions

I am an existing Tailscale customer. How am I impacted by changes announced February 21, 2024?

Business customers (definition) who have signed up for a free or paid subscription plan prior to February 21, 2024 will remain on those plans until at least February 21, 2025. The 14-day free trial only applies to new customers on or after February 21, 2024. See the full Offer terms and conditions for more information.

The Free plan has been rebranded to Personal, but there are no changes to the number of users or devices, nor features included with the plan.

I am on a Personal plan. What happens if I upgrade?

Customers can upgrade to any of the available plans listed on our Pricing page.

There is no self-serve trial when upgrading to a paid plan from the Personal plan. Contact sales to discuss your options.

I am an existing business customer on a Personal plan. Can I get a trial of a paid plan?

The 14-day free trial is intended for new accounts only. If you are an existing customer on a Personal plan, contact sales to discuss your options.

I’m on the Starter plan and want to upgrade to Premium. Do I go through a trial first?

No, you do not need to go through a trial to upgrade your plan. The 14-day trial is intended for new accounts only. If you would like to go through a trial, contact sales to discuss your options.

What if I need an extension to my trial?

At the end of the 14-day free trial, you must purchase a plan to continue using Tailscale. If you need an extension, Contact sales to discuss your options.

Can I try Tailscale with add-ons during my trial?

Add-ons are not currently supported as part of the trial.

What is usage-based billing?

Usage-based billing is an evolution of subscription billing where customers pay for their active use or consumption of a product or service over a given time period. This model is applied to feature, service, and/or user activity. We think of it as a better way to align the value of Tailscale with how much customers pay for it.

How are monthly active users defined?

Monthly active users (MAU) are users signed in to a Tailscale network (known as a tailnet) who transfer data over the tailnet during the billing cycle.

For example, a user who connects a service on the tailnet, transfers a file, accesses a subnet, uses an exit node, or pings another device on the tailnet is considered active in a billing cycle.

This means that MAU will never be more than all members in the tailnet, and does not include suspended, pending, or inactive users. It also means that MAU doesn’t count users who only manage configurations for your tailnet via the admin console, such as users who manage billing.

A user can be active in more than one tailnet within a month if they are members of multiple tailnets and transfer data on each of those tailnets during the billing cycle. A user who is a member of multiple tailnets but doesn't transfer data in one of them will not count as an MAU in that tailnet.

Can I add more than one user to my personal (for example, account?

You get 3 free users on the Personal plan. If you need additional users, you will need to upgrade to one of our paid plans.

For personal use cases, you will continue to get 3 active users for free. You will be billed for additional active users who transfer data in your tailnet each month.

How do I upgrade or downgrade to a new plan?

To change your plan, you must be an account Owner, Admin, or Billing admin. If you are on a monthly subscription plan or Personal plan, you can change your plan from the Billing page of the admin console.

If you are on an annual subscription plan, and would like to make any changes, contact sales for assistance.

I work at an IoT company or have a different use case. How can I use Tailscale?

Tailscale supports a variety of use cases. If you need help understanding which plan is right for you, contact sales.

How do device limits work, and do they only apply to connected or active devices?

Device limits are based on the number of provisioned users in your tailnet. All devices provisioned in your tailnet count toward the total, and device limits are pooled across your account and do not need to be associated with any particular user. Devices shared with you by other tailnets do not count toward your total.

I’m a new Tailscale customer but when I try to sign up for Tailscale, I get a notice that my account is unpaid. What do I do?

If you can’t sign up, it’s because someone in your domain is already using Tailscale. If you don’t know who created your account, or need additional assistance, contact support.

Legacy pricing

I’m still on a user / seat-based billing plan. When do I need to adopt a usage-based plan?

All user/seat-based monthly subscription customers can remain on their current plan. If you want to take advantage of usage-based billing, you can migrate to one of the plans from the admin console.

If you are a customer who pays annually, contact sales.

If I migrate from a legacy plan to a new usage-based billing plan, how will I be billed?

When you migrate from a legacy plan to a new usage-based billing plan, your existing subscription will be immediately canceled. The prorated amount for the rest of your subscription will be credited to your account. Your new usage-based billing plan will start immediately, and you’ll be charged a prorated amount for the current month. You will be charged on the normal monthly billing cycle starting with the next month.

Can I sign up for the Community on GitHub plan?

The Community on GitHub plan is available to open source projects. Learn more or contact sales.

If you’re looking for a way to try Tailscale with friends or family, we encourage you to use the Personal plan instead.

I'm a customer still on an old plan. How can I see my plan details?

For details about our previous pricing plans, see Pricing v1 and Pricing v2.

Billing questions

How does billing for monthly active users work?

Tailscale charges customers at the end of each month. You’ll be billed for the total number of monthly active users on the first day of the following month.

Do I lose my 3 free users from the Personal plan when I start a paid plan?

Customers who want to use tailscale for personal use cases, will continue to get access to 3 free users even after they upgrade. We do this to avoid placing a financial burden on families and friends who want to pay use Tailscale.

Customers who want to use Tailscale for commercial purposes will pay for all active users within the billing period. We do this to simplify billing and budgeting for our business customers.

See here to learn more about this distinction.

When am I charged and do I receive bills with usage-based billing? If I switch plans or sign up in the middle of the month / out of cycle, when does my billing take effect on the new plan?

Accounts are billed on the 1st of each month. If you sign up for a new plan partway through the month, you’ll pay a prorated amount for that month, and be billed regularly starting in next month’s billing cycle.

If I upgrade or downgrade between usage-based billing plans, when and how will I be billed?

When you upgrade or downgrade between plans on usage-based billing, you’ll be charged at the end of the monthly billing cycle for the number of monthly active users in your tailnet, with the amounts prorated based on the number of days on each plan.

I need more predictable billing. Is an annual, credit-based, billing option available?

If you are interested in an annual plan or prepaid bill contact sales.

How does usage-based billing work for annual plans?

For annual plans, you prepay for credits. Your actual usage draws down those prepaid credits every month. 1 credit = 1 monthly active user, so you can easily estimate the number of credits you will need by predicting the number of monthly active users you will have over the course of a year. Annual plans qualify for volume discounts.

Who can modify billing information and update plans for my account?

You must be an Owner, Admin, or Billing admin to modify plans and billing information. Billing information and plans can be updated from the Billing page of the admin console.

Are there any admin roles that don’t require a license?

Yes, an administrative user who does not transfer data does not count as a monthly active user, and is not charged for. You can grant users the role of Billing admin, which is an administrator for your organization’s Tailscale account who can modify pricing and billing plan information. You can learn more at Manage pricing and billing with Billing admin.

As a current customer on a legacy plan, if I move to usage-based pricing for a month/time period, can I move back to my original plan (and licensing model)?

If you move to a monthly usage-based plan, you will not be able to revert to your legacy pricing plan or package.

Do you offer discounts for non-profits or educational institutions?

Not-for-profit organizations and educational institutions are eligible for a 50% discount. Choose your plan on the Billing page of the admin console, then contact us to have the discount applied.

If I’m unable to pay via credit card for a monthly (usage-based) offering, can I complete payment via a wire transfer or ACH?

We have other flexible payment options. Contact sales if you need invoicing.

Plan comparison questions

Does Tailscale have a free trial?

Yes, business customers get a 14-day free trial of the product with no user limit. Personal customers will continue to have access to the free tier plan. See here for details about how we separate personal versus business use cases.

What’s included in the Personal plan, and what are the limitations?

The Personal plan includes nearly everything that Tailscale has to offer for up to 3 users and 100 devices. The Personal plan is limited to 3 provisioned users, meaning the users that are added to your tailnet. You can learn more about plans on the Pricing page.

What is included in the Starter plan?

The Starter plan includes the essentials for a VPN replacement. This plan includes unlimited users, 100 devices, and an additional 10 devices per user. You can learn more about plans on the Pricing page.

What is included in the Premium plan?

The Premium plan includes advanced application networking features, endpoint and posture management, and higher levels of support. This plan also includes unlimited users, 100 devices, and an additional 20 devices per user. You can learn more about plans on the Pricing page.

What is included in the Enterprise plan?

The Enterprise plan is fully customizable when it comes to user and device limits. It offers advanced compliance functionality, user and group provisioning, and priority support.

The Enterprise plan also allows for invoicing and annual billing. You can learn more about plans on the Pricing page, or contact sales.

How can I compare what’s included in each plan?

You can review pricing and a full list of features by plan type on the Pricing page.

Support questions

What is included in priority support?

With priority support, requests from Premium and Enterprise customers are promptly triaged and moved to the front of the queue, where our team will get back to you as soon as possible. If you’re in need of a guaranteed SLA, please contact sales to discuss our additional support packages.