Filter devices in the admin console

Devices in the Machines page of the admin console can be filtered to more easily find devices meeting certain criteria.

Using a filter

  1. In the Machines page of the admin console, select the search bar.
  2. Type in the filter you wish to use and press Enter.
  3. Any devices meeting the filter criteria will be displayed.

You can use multiple filters on the same query.

To remove a filter, select the x to clear the filter in the search bar. Alternatively, select All to remove all filters and return to a view of all devices.

Available filters

Filters can be used on a device’s owner, tags, Tailscale version, and when the device was last connected, and its properties.


Use owner: to filter by the owner of the device, e.g., owner:alice@github.

If the device is managed by a tag, then this filter will find devices that were created by this user. To find a device with a specific tag, use tag:.


Use tag: to filter by a tag on the device, e.g., tag:production.

Use two or more tag filters together to find devices within the intersection of those tags, e.g., tag:server tag:production.

Use two or more tags in the same filter to find devices within the union of those tags, e.g., tag:server,production.


Use version: to filter by the Tailscale version running on the device, e.g., version:1.0.0. You can also search for version ranges before or after a certain release, e.g., version:<1.0.0 or version:>1.0.0.

Last seen

Use lastseen: to filter for devices currently connected to Tailscale, and when the device was last connected. Use lastseen:connected and lastseen:disconnected to filter for devices which are currently connected or disconnected. For disconnected devices, you can also search for time ranges, e.g., lastseen:<5m or lastseen:>24h.

Device properties

Use the filters below to filter by a device’s properties.

is:exit-node The device is an exit node.
has:subnet The device advertises a subnet route.
is:internal The device belongs to a user in the tailnet.
is:external The device is shared from another network with this tailnet.
is:shared The device is shared with another network.
is:expired The device’s node key has expired, and needs to be re-authenticated to connect to the network.
is:expiry-disabled The device has key expiry disabled.
is:ephemeral The device is ephemeral. It is authenticated using an ephemeral key.
is:unauthorized For networks with device authorization enabled, the device is not yet authorized.
has:suspended-owner The device’s owner is suspended.
has:tailscale-ssh The device has Tailscale SSH enabled.
has:update-available There is a newer version of Tailscale available, and the device can be updated.

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