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Tailscale vs. alternatives

Unsure which VPN to go with? Navigate the strengths and drawbacks of other VPN solutions when compared to Tailscale.


Why choose Tailscale?

Tailscale is a secure and private, identity-based, infrastructure agnostic network with a flexible topology, resilient networking, and a streamlined setup.

It's a network that just works.


Built for scale

Let’s face it: traditional VPNs don’t scale well. When connections to internal networks go through a central VPN concentrator, bottlenecks are commonplace. Speed and reliability take a hit, too.

Designed for connectivity

Tailscale’s peer-to-peer mesh network allows your machines to connect to each other directly — with coordination provided centrally — reducing bottlenecks, speeding things up, and improving reliability.

Optimized for security

Tailscale’s “zero trust,” identity-based approach to security enables the use of single sign-on (SSO) and user group-based security policies. So you can operate with total peace-of-mind.
With our old VPN, we'd spend a lot of time worrying about client-side issues for our users. With Tailscale, we do need to maintain some infrastructure, but from an engineering perspective, that’s easy compared to the chaotic client-side issues we used to deal with.
Hirotaka Nakajima, Senior Software Engineer at Mercari
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