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Tailscale and CrowdStrike Falcon for enhanced device posture management

3 minsMay 01 2024
Tinku ThomasAnton TolchanovPaul ScottKristoffer DalbyJames SandersonRoss Zurowski
Tinku Thomas, Anton Tolchanov, Paul Scott, Kristoffer Dalby, James Sanderson & Ross Zurowski

In today's threat landscape, maintaining robust defenses against potential threats is paramount, and it demands granular access control and constant vigilance. Today, we're announcing the General Availability of Tailscale's device posture management and the integration with CrowdStrike® Falcon Zero Trust, bringing improved security and control to your Zero Trust network. This integration empowers you to leverage the Falcon Zero Trust Assessment (ZTA) score with Tailscale's device posture management, enabling granular access control based on device health and security.

Read on to discover how this collaboration can help you protect your organization by making your network access policy respond to threats faster.

Understanding Zero Trust and device posture checks

Zero Trust is not just a buzzword; it's a foundational security approach that challenges the traditional notion of trust. With Zero Trust, every device and user must continually prove their identity and comply with strict access controls, regardless of their location or network. And device posture checks are a cornerstone of Zero Trust environments; they assess device health and compliance before granting network access. By monitoring and controlling the security posture of devices connected to a network, organizations striving for Zero Trust can ensure that only authorized and secure devices have access to their resources.

However, implementing a Zero Trust strategy can be complex and time-consuming. That's why Tailscale has partnered with CrowdStrike to make it easier for organizations to manage the security posture of their devices. By integrating Tailscale with the Crowdstrike Falcon® platform, you can enhance your device security and take your Zero Trust strategy to new heights.

How Tailscale and CrowdStrike Falcon integrate for device posture checks

Tailscale and the Falcon platform work in tandem to deliver a comprehensive integration for dynamic device posture checks:

  1. Tailscale establishes a secure, encrypted network connection between devices, facilitating seamless and secure communication.
  2. The Falcon platform's endpoint security product module enables real-time device monitoring, threat detection, and response. It leverages cloud-delivered and AI-native attack correlations and behavioral risk analytics to identify potential threats and anomalies.
  3. Tailscale’s device posture management is built based on attribute-based access control whereby organizations can apply adaptive and granular access policies to secure sensitive systems and data, preventing an access free-for-all and thereby facilitating Zero Trust microsegmentation.
  4. The Tailscale and CrowdStrike Falcon integration empowers organizations with dynamic access control. This integration leverages Falcon ZTA scores to grant or block device access to resources in the Tailscale network, Tailnet. Changes in Falcon ZTA scores are reflected in your network policy within 15 minutes, and policy is evaluated each time a connection request is made, making the granular access adaptive to the evolving condition of the device over time.

Ready to take your network security to the next level?

Start your free trial of Tailscale today and experience the power of this seamless integration with CrowdStrike Falcon.

Customers on our Free and Enterprise plans can configure a Crowdstrike Falcon integration in the admin console. To learn more about Tailscale’s device posture management, check out our documentation and don't hesitate to reach out to us with any questions.

Together, Tailscale and CrowdStrike provide a comprehensive integration for securing your network and ensuring only trusted devices gain access. Start building a more secure and resilient Zero Trust environment today!

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