Instantly interconnect your devices and services, wherever they are.

Tailscale iOS

Tailscale creates an encrypted mesh network between any set of computers, without proxies or intermediaries.

  • Zero-friction security without rewrites. Tailscale works with all your apps, unchanged, on any protocol, http or not. Your client and server find each other wherever they are, and securely connect even when NATs and firewalls are in between.

  • No installation hassles. The Tailscale agent installs on Linux, Windows, macOS, or iOS in seconds, and authenticates using your existing corporate login. No hardware, no routers, and no configuration needed.

  • Pay only for what you use. Tailscale's per-user per-month pricing scales up smoothly with usage. Start small, experiment, and only pay for accounts you actually use.

Remote Access

Securely, directly connect to every datacenter at once, without opening firewall ports.

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Legacy-friendly multi-factor

Add multi-factor authentication and machine certificates to legacy servers, even non-web-based ones, with no code changes.

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Distributed audit logs

Our decentralized firewall, logging, and intrusion detection are designed for a new world with no network perimeters.

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