Connect your devices and services, wherever they are.

Tailscale creates a private, encrypted mesh network between your computers, without proxies or intermediaries.

Easy connection

Access devices with a static IP and DNS. It stays the same, even as you move between LTE and firewalled LANs.

Identity via SSO

Use your existing identity system. Tailscale supports GSuite, Okta, Ping Identity, Active Directory and more.

Zero trust

Users can only access devices while connected and authorized. Otherwise, devices aren’t even visible.

Seamless connectivity

Use Tailscale in hundreds of ways to make your private network faster, safer, and simpler.

Deploy new services without changing network settings

Spin up a wiki or database without opening a new firewall port or fighting with NAT settings. New deployments are secure by default.

  • Easy access from anywhere

    Every device on Tailscale gets its own domain name and fixed IP. Access any device as though it was on a local network.

  • Works across firewalls and NATs

    Advanced NAT traversal and point-to-point connection mean you don’t waste time waiting for the security team to update firewall settings.

Better SSH management

Expose computers via Tailscale and you don’t need to worry about SSH keys that haven’t been changed in years. We handle that for you.

  • Automatic key rotation

    Tailscale manages keys and device certificates, so you know only authorized and safe machines are touching your network.

  • Bring your own SSO provider

    Authorize users via GSuite, Okta, Active Directory, and more. You control access with your organizational policy.

Use on-prem apps from anywhere

Move security away from a Wi-Fi password by connecting key services with Tailscale.

  • Access based on identity, not WPA2

    No more office guests with the Wi-Fi password seeing your entire file server. Use your corporate login to verify who should have access.

  • Consistent access

    Stay connected even as you move between networks. Your devices and services are always available at the same fixed IP or DNS address.

Secure any service with multi-factor auth

Even legacy services can be secured by your central policy.

  • Security without rewrites

    Use Tailscale to wrap legacy services without code changes, even for non-web services like Windows File Sharing or Remote Desktop.

  • Easy installation

    With clients for Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and Linux, getting started is as easy as installing the Tailscale app and signing in.

Built to last

Tailscale is run by engineers with decades of experience with network software and bootstrapping businesses.

Portrait of Avery Pennarun

Avery Pennarun


Consulted to Alphabet senior leadership and led Google Fiber’s gigabit Wi-Fi and platform analytics teams. Avery's open source projects include wvdial, sshuttle, bup, and redo.

Portrait of David Crawshaw

David Crawshaw


Former Staff Software Engineer at Google, David built petabyte-scale log processing, ported the Go language platform to iOS and Android, and built networking in Fuchsia OS.

Portrait of David Carney

David Carney


Bootstrapped to millions in revenue as COO/CFO. David has over two decades of experience in consulting, engineering, and program management.

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