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Tailscale for Enterprise

The zero-trust network for your enterprise

Organizations of all sizes choose Tailscale to connect their employees, devices, and workloads securely across infrastructure spanning the globe.

Trusted by 5,000+ companies

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Built for Zero Trust

Enforce identity-based controls across your organization to authenticate, authorize, and verify every connection throughout your private network. Tailscale integrates with leading identity providers to automate the provisioning of users, roles, and groups to allow seamless enforcement of core principles like continuous verification and least-privilege access.

We help customers build secure, private networks.
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Tailscale scales with you

Tailscale is designed with connectivity, control, and security in mind so you’ll always be one step ahead.


Direct connectivity

Establish point-to-point connections between nodes for better performance and reduce latency. Every connection is encrypted end-to-end with Wireguard®



Tailscale integrates with your existing identity provider to enable single sign on, provide a seamless onboarding experience, and enforce multi-factor authentication.


Overlay network

Manage network-level access to sensitive resources and environments, and reliably connect across complex firewall configurations. Audit activity to ensure network health and security.

A better way to manage your network

Works anywhere

Tailscale works on all major operating systems including Linux, macOS, iOS, Android & Windows; and can be deployed using our Terraform & Pulumi providers.

Streamline onboarding

Invite users to log in with any supported identity provider, use custom OIDC to add your own SSO provider, or automatically provision users and groups.

Powerful policy engine

Enforce granular access control policies (ACLs) as code, or programatically manage and version-control your policy file with GitOps for ACLs.

Gain critical visibility

Stream network traffic and admin activity to your preferred SIEM to detect and respond to potential incidents in real-time.

Trust you, not us

Add another layer of security with tailnet lock , to ensure that nodes can't join your tailnet without being signed by an already trusted node.

Secure communications

Encrypt network traffic end-to-end, route traffic through an Exit Node to help secure remote connections, or set up NextDNS to filter traffic from untrusted sources.

Create internal links

Quickly spin up services like golinks to enable access to the apps and resources your team uses the most.

Incremental adoption

Use a subnet router to segment your network over time (adding entire VPCs) where you can't, or haven't installed Tailscale yet.

Simplify SSH

SSH into devices on your network without the need to manually generate, distribute and rotate SSH keys.

Customize with MDM Policies

Tailor Tailscale for the needs of your business with UI customization, auto-updates, runtime configurations and more, all integrated with your favorite Mobile Device Management solution.

Device posture management

Collect device attributes and use them as part of connectivity rules within your Tailnet to limit access for devices that do not meet security requirements.

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How does Tailscale work?

Tailscale is a programmable network that makes it simple to manage private networks at an enterprise scale. Deploy resources like databases and servers quickly using existing infrastructure-as-code workflows. Leverage SCIM with your existing identity provider to automate the provisioning of users, roles, and groups in near real-time. Establish granular access controls with our policy engine to explicitly authorize which communications can be established.

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Backed by world-class customer service.

If our ease of use, reliable network, and on-demand resources aren’t enough, Tailscale’s customer support is here. Get faster response with Priority Support, or customize support options that meet the needs of your Enterprise.


Our commitment to security

We have a deep commitment to keeping your data safe. Our connections are end-to-end encrypted with WireGuard®, a modern VPN designed for usability, performance, and security. You can keep up-to-date with the latest updates via our Security Bulletins below.

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