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Auto exit nodes

Auto exit nodes are available for Starter, Premium, and Enterprise plans, or customers who have purchased the Mullvad add-on.

Auto exit nodes allow you to automatically select a suggested exit node or Mullvad exit node based on client information (such as location). The auto exit node feature allows you to do things like secure traffic to a known egress point, prevent snooping from untrusted networks, and increase availability by selecting an exit node based on regional routing.

You can use the auto exit node feature to select an exit node based on latency information. Tailscale first attempts to select a custom exit node from the tailnet. If there are no custom exit nodes available, Tailscale selects a Mullvad exit node (if any are available on the tailnet). The suggested exit node varies depending on the type of exit node. For custom (non-Mullvad) exit nodes, Tailscale suggests an exit node based on performance and latency information. For Mullvad exit nodes, Tailscale selects an exit node based on location (and how Mullvad assigns priority).

Exit node suggestions are available using the Tailscale CLI or any of the Tailscale clients by selecting Recommended: exit-node-name.

To retrieve the ID of a suggested exit node using the Tailscale CLI, use the exit-node suggest command. The command returns the ID of the suggested exit node.

tailscale exit-node suggest