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Install Tailscale on Amazon Fire devices

Tailscale works with various Amazon Fire devices, including Amazon Fire TV and Amazon Fire Tablets.

  1. Download Tailscale from the Amazon Appstore on your Amazon Fire device.

  2. Launch the Tailscale app and click OK in the Connection request window. Then click Get Started, and accept the prompts to install a VPN configuration.

  3. Click Log in and sign in using your SSO identity provider. If you are using a Fire TV device, a QR code will display. Use your phone to scan QR code for authorizing the Amazon Fire device to your tailnet.

If device approval is enabled, the Amazon Fire device will not be accessible on the tailnet until an administrator approves the device.

Supported hardware

Tailscale can be installed on a variety of devices based on the Amazon Fire Android architecture. Specific devices and models may vary.

  • Most Fire Tablets released after 2018.
  • Most Fire TV devices released after 2018, including Fire TV Stick devices and Toshiba, Redmi, and TCL TVs.
  • Vehicles with Fire TV support, such as Jeep Wagoneer and BMW 7 Series.