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WireGuard® for Enterprises

Incrementally operationalize WireGuard® across the most complex network infrastructures.


Tailscale elevates the WireGuard® VPN experience

Secure resources
Identity-aware network
Infrastructure agnostic

Establish a zero-trust network with Tailscale & WireGuard®

End-to-end encryption

Enforce the principle of least privilege

Designate which resources are accessible to which roles and groups to create dynamic software-defined perimeters across infrastructures.
DevOps workflows

Manage access policies using DevOps workflows

Access control lists (ACLs) policy management can integrate into existing IaC and GitOps workflows to automate deployment and improve version control.
Log streaming

Gain visibility into your network activity

Stream configuration audit logs, network flow logs, and SSH sessions into your preferred SIEM to surface any potentially anomalous activity.
We fell in love with the WireGuard technology…But as we were adding more and more people, we needed a better way of managing our network…[Tailscale being] a mesh network…and all managed through a single config — that’s the biggest win.
Travis Ackert, Senior Director of Information Security at Bamboo Health
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The WireGuard® -based network to protect your organization

Peer-to-peer connections

Tailscale uses WireGuard® to establish low-latency, peer-to-peer connections.

End-to-end encryption

Tailscale uses WireGuard® to encrypt data at rest and in transit.

DNS-readable human names

MagicDNS automatically registers DNS names as human-readable for better discoverability.

Access policies for the entire network (ACLs)

Create RBAC policies to determine which users, roles, or groups can access, which nodes on your tailnet.

SSO with IdP

Users can authenticate using one of our supported identity providers to access the tailnet.

Log streaming

Natively stream configuration or network flow logs to our SIEM integration partners.

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