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Networking should be simple(r)

Tailscale makes it easy to overlay any network topology, enforce the principle of least privilege, and continuously monitor your tailnet.

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Seamless network connectivity

Securely connect users, devices, and services across any infrastructure without interruptions.

Peer-to-peer connections

Tailscale uses WireGuard VPN protocol to establish low-latency, peer-to-peer connections.

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End-to-end encryption

Tailscale uses WireGuard VPN protocol for end-to-end encryption.

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Split tunneling

Split tunneling only routes internal traffic through the VPN for improved latency.

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HA subnet routers

Ensure users can still access resources if a routing device becomes unavailable.

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Short DNS host names

MagicDNS automatically registers DNS names as human-readable for better discoverability.

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Search domains

Ensure users can still access resources if a routing device becomes unavailable.

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IP space collision resolution

Route traffic to overlapping IPv4 subnets without renumbering with 4via6 subnet routers, by assigning unique IPv6 addresses for each subnet.

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Exit node

Route all traffic through a designated egress point, similar to a privacy VPN.

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Least privilege access

Identity is weaved directly into the network fabric to safeguard valuable resources with Access Control Lists (ACLs) enforceable at the node level.

Access control lists (ACLs)

Create RBAC policies to determine which users, roles, or groups can access, which nodes on your tailnet.

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ACL tests

Verify ACLs coverage provides sufficient coverage against unnecessary exposure.

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GitOps for ACLs

Manage ACLs version control within a CI/CD workflow using GitHub or GitLab.

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On-demand access

Partner integrations allow administrators to provide time-bound, elevated privileges for users.

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Separation of administrative duties

Administrative roles with varying privileges to manage your tailnet.

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Application Networking

Accelerate application development through 65+ integrations to accommodate any workflow.

Auth keys

Pre-authentication keys automatically register new nodes without having to sign in via a web browser.

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Service provisioning

ACL tags assign an identity to a node that’s used as part of an ACL to restrict access.

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OAuth clients

Create access tokens for scoped access to the Tailscale API.

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Tailscale SSH

Tailscale brokered and authenticated SSH connection without managing SSH keys.

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Tailscale SSH console

Initiate browser-based SSH session from the admin console to a designated node.

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Tailscale funnel

Share a folder or service with the public internet over HTTPS.

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Services Management

Monitor and safely share access to services running on machines on your tailnet.

Node sharing

Share a node with any Tailscale user on any tailnet without exposing it to the public internet.

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Transfer sensitive or large files with minimal latency between devices.

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Monitor services on your tailnet in one central location.

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HTTPS certificates

Enable HTTPS when connecting with web APIs or browsers to encrypt communications.

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Embed Tailscale inside Go programs to run multiple services on a single machine to create tools like golinks.

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User Management

Create intuitive workflows to streamline user access with SSO, IdP, and SCIM support.

SSO with IdP

Users can authenticate using one of our supported identity providers to access the tailnet.

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User approval

Require users to be approved by an administrator before gaining access to the tailnet.

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Custom authentication periods

Require users to re-authenticate regularly.

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Custom OIDC provider

Users can authenticate themselves using their organization’s custom OIDC.

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User & group provisioning (SCIM)

Sync users and group settings from one of our supported IdPs to keep ACLs up-to-date.

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Posture Management

Harden your security posture with built-in features to continuously enforce node-level policies.

Device approval

Require devices to be approved by an administrator before joining the tailnet.

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Tailnet lock

A predetermined trusted node must verify the trusted keys of any nodes attempting to join your tailnet.

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Device posture management

Collect device attributes and use them as part of connectivity rules within your Tailnet to limit access for devices that do not meet security requirements.

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Device posture integrations

Configure EDR integrations like Crowdstrike to use their custom attributes as part of device posture checks for your Tailnet.

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Continuous Monitoring

Create a system of record to monitor performance, user-to-node interactions, and potential security incidents.


Create event triggers that notify you in real-time via partner integrations.

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Configuration audit logging

Surface what configuration-based actions occurred, by whom, and when.

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Network flow logging

Surface what node-to-node interaction occurred, and when.

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Log streaming

Natively stream configuration or network flow logs to our SIEM integration partners.

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Tailscale SSH session recording

Store any Tailscale SSH session recording long-term in any S3-compatible service or local disk.

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Mobile Device Management Policies

Tailor Tailscale for the needs of your business with UI customization, auto-updates, runtime configurations and more, all integrated with your favorite Mobile Device Management solution.

System Policies

Customize Tailscale using system policies

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MDM solution integrations

Configure and deploy Tailscale using MDM solutions

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