Key Expiry

As a security feature, users will need to periodically reauthenticate on each of their endpoints. The default expiration period depends on your domain setting. Please contact us if you want to change the expiration period for your domain.

If reauthentication does not occur, keys expire and connections to/from the given endpoint will stop working.

In some cases, administrators may wish to disable key expiry on specific endoints. (For example, it's best to disable exporation on trusted servers or IoT devices that are not easily accessible once deployed.) You can do this in the admin console:

  1. Navigate to the Machines tab.
  2. Find the row corresponding to the endpoint you are interested in.
  3. Click on the ellipsis icon at the far right and select the "Disable Key Expiry" option:
  4. After an automatic page reload, you will note that key expiry has been disabled on the given endpoint.

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