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Tailscale for DevOps teams

Achieve connectivity across VPCs, clusters, and heterogeneous environments quickly.

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Secure networking for application development

Connect and secure any network infrastructure.

Protect users

Provision users

Dynamically manage the user lifecycle with your preferred IdP and SCIM.
Provision resources

Provision resources

Leverage existing IaC workflows to provision resources that automatically join your private network with auth keys.
Secure connectivity

Secure connectivity

Establish software-defined networks that explicitly authorize communications between authenticated users and resources.

Reduce complexity, accelerate developer productivity

on-demand access

Point-to-Point Connectivity

Tailscale can facilitate point-to-point connections between users and resources for low-latency, performant, and encrypted communications.

subnet routers

Subnet Routers

Establish connectivity to entire VPCs or devices where Tailscale cannot be installed without cumbersome configurations or constant firewall policy updates.

Tailscale integrations

100+ Integrations

Tailscale integrates with managed Kubernetes providers, serverless apps, and remote development environments, among many others.

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Deploy a secure network for all your application development needs

Users Management

SSO & MFA with IdP

SSO & MFA with IdP

Users can authenticate using one of our supported identity providers to access the tailnet.

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User & group provisioning (SCIM)

Sync users and group settings from one of our supported IdPs to keep ACLs up-to-date.

On-demand access

Partner integrations allow administrators to provide time-bound, elevated privileges for users.

Custom OIDC Provider

Users can authenticate themselves using their organization’s custom OIDC.

Resource Provisioning

Auth keys

Pre-authentication keys automatically register new nodes without having to sign in via a web browser.

OAuth clients Beta

Create access tokens for scoped access to the Tailscale API.

Network access

App connectors

App connectors

Secure third-party SaaS applications by restricting access to authorized users.

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Kubernetes operator

Kubernetes operator

Connect services and encrypt communications across heterogeneous environments

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Regional routing

Increase performance with high availability across complex networks

Exit nodes

Route all traffic through a designated egress point, similar to a privacy VPN.

End-to-end encryption

Tailscale uses WireGuard® protocols for end-to-end encryption.


SSH session recording

Tailscale SSH session recording

Store any Tailscale SSH session recording long-term in any S3-compatible service or local disk.

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Configuration audit logging

Surface what configuration-based actions occurred, by whom, and when.

Network flow logging

Surface what node-to-node interaction occurred, and when.

Log streaming

Natively stream configuration or network flow logs to our SIEM integration partners.


Create event triggers that notify you in real time via partner integrations.

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