Manage devices

Add a device

Learn how to add new devices to your Tailscale network.

Device approval

Learn how to review and approve new devices before they can join your Tailscale network.

Machine names

Learn how machine names are determined, and how to rename a machine.

Remove a device

Learn how to remove devices from your Tailscale network.

Device posture management

Learn how to use device posture for enforcing device rules on your tailnet.

Use Device Identity Collection

Learn how to enable Device Identity Collection to collect serial numbers from devices on your Tailscale network.

Use Crowdstrike ZTA scores to restrict device access

Learn how to use Zero Trust Assessment (ZTA) scores reported by Crowdstrike Falcon as a device posture attribute in Tailscale, for use in access …

Filter devices in the admin console

See how to find devices meeting certain criteria in the machines page of the admin console.

Exporting a list of tailnet devices

Learn how to export a list of devices in your tailnet.

Manage devices using the web interface

Learn how to manage your individual device using the web interface.

Add a device using a QR code

Learn how to add new devices to your Tailscale network using QR code scanning.