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Manage access

Use Tailscale access features to control how users access resources in your Tailscale network, known as a tailnet. You also control how devices access other devices.

Manage access policy

Access control lists (ACLs) let you precisely define permissions for users and devices in your tailnet. Tailscale manages access rules for your network in the tailnet policy file using ACL syntax.

Define permissions for your users and devices.

Get details about the syntax and structure for ACLs.

Manage devices

You control which devices are in your tailnet, including whether you want a tailnet admin to approve new devices before they are allowed access. You can also use device posture with mobile device management (MDM) solutions to enforce device rules.

Learn how to manage devices, enforce admin approval for new devices, and use device posture for enforcing device rules.

Manage users and user roles

You control which users are in your tailnet, how they are invited, and their access to your tailnet resources.

See how to add and manage users, delete users, and enforce review of new users before they can join your tailnet.

Manage domain ownership

When you create your tailnet, your user domain becomes part of your Tailscale identity.

Learn how your user domain is used for Tailscale identity, and how to mitigate tailnet risk from a malicious takeover.