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Reference syntax for the tailnet policy file.

Learn how to grant capabilities at the IP and application layers.

View example access rules for common scenarios.

Learn about the Tailscale command-line interface.

Learn about the Tailscale application programming interface.

Learn how to use OAuth clients to provide ongoing access to the Tailscale API.

Learn about tsnet, a library that lets you embed Tailscale inside of a Go program.

Learn about the Tailscale prefixes for keys, such as an API access token.

Learn production and security best practices for deploying Tailscale.

Discover best practices for keeping your Tailscale network secure.

Follow advanced guidance for hardening and sandboxing nodes.

See details about managing the various types of keys and secrets for your tailnet.

Learn how Tailscale partners scan for exposed Tailscale secrets and provide notifications to help prevent fraudulent access.

Deploy Tailscale to Amazon Web Services (AWS) with best practices, security, and production readiness in mind.

Understand the responsibilities for protecting your network.

Learn how Tailscale works with the Shortcuts app, allowing you to automate tasks.

Learn technical details about Tailscale.

Learn how to troubleshoot common tailnet scenarios.

Tailscale repo on GitHub
View the repository that contains the open source Tailscale client code and the tailscaled daemon and tailscale CLI tool.