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Unbound DNS in OPNsense

OPNsense is an open source router and firewall platform built using FreeBSD. Tailscale can be installed on an OPNsense platform, joining it to your WireGuard-based mesh network.

Unbound DNS configuration

OPNsense is often configured with a local Unbound DNS server to use for its own lookups and to provide as a recursive DNS service to LAN clients. Tailscale DNS settings are not currently implemented for Unbound DNS; instead, the DNS server will be written to /etc/resolv.conf. This will effectively disable Unbound.

It may be preferable to not use the Tailscale DNS settings: tailscale up --accept-dns=false. Instead, Unbound can be configured to be able to resolve MagicDNS names. The tiny DNS server running within the tailscaled process will always answer queries specifically sent to it.

In System > Settings > General, add a search domain for the MagicDNS name of the tailnet such as or

Set in the OPNsense Settings : General : DNS search domain

In Services > Unbound DNS > Query Forwarding, add an entry for the MagicDNS name directed to

Set Services : Unbound DNS : Query Forwarding to send to