Tailscale IP and DNS addresses

Tailscale makes it easy to connect to your network by providing you with consistent IP and DNS addresses for each node (a device or a server). These addresses stay the same, no matter where nodes move to in the physical world, making them easy to manage and share with non-technical users.

IP Addresses

By default, every device receives an IP address in the 100.x.x.x range. This IP address is auto-assigned based on the device and authorization credentials and cannot be changed. For technical details on why we assign within the 100.x.x.x address space, read our documentation here.

Finding my Tailscale IP address

You can find your address in two ways: via the Tailscale client, and via the command line.

  • For Linux-based devices, use the following command:
    ifconfig wg0
  • For Windows devices, open the app menu from the system task bar and look for the IP listed in the dropdown.
  • For macOS devices, open the menu bar app and look for the IP listed in the dropdown.
    You can also locate your IP by running ifconfig and searching for a utun address with a listed 100.x.x.x IP address.
  • For iOS devices, log in to your network and look for the IP listed at the top of the app.

Domain names

Tailscale can optionally assign human-readable domain names. This makes it easier to manage and access your network, by giving nodes memorable names, like wiki.your-team-name.ipn.dev.

This feature is still in development and not available for testing. We welcome comments about how users would like this to work. In the meantime, we provide two workarounds below.

You can also access devices via custom domain names. To do so, you can hardcode Tailscale IP addresses into DNS records or your local /etc/hosts file. Tailscale IPs never change, even if device locations change, so they are safe to use in both places.

Using custom DNS settings

We recommend using A-records. For example, if you own example.com and want to provide easy access to a wiki server:

  1. Connect your wiki server with Tailscale
  2. Add an A record with a subdomain, wiki, as the host
  3. Point that record to your Tailscale IP (100.x.x.x)
  4. Save your settings. It may take some time for the settings to propagate.

Once complete, you should be able to access your device via wiki.example.com.

Using /etc/hosts

You can set domains for individual devices by using your local /etc/hosts file. For example:

# Tailscale nodes   wiki.local    gitlab.local

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