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Legacy Pricing

These are pricing plans are no longer available.

This page is kept online as a reference for customers on legacy plans. See our current pricing plans.


For personal & hobby projects


Use Tailscale
  • 1 user
  • 20 devices
  • 1 subnet router
  • Secure, peer-to-peer connections
  • SSO and MFA
  • Sharing, MagicDNS, and more


For connecting your team’s devices


Per user/month

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  • 5 devices × number of users
  • 5 subnet routers included
  • 2 admin users
  • 5 unique users in ACL policy
  • Custom authentication periods
  • Okta integration


For enforcing access policies


Per user/month

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  • 10 devices × number of users
  • 10 subnet routers included
  • Unlimited admin users
  • Unlimited users in ACL policy
  • Subnet router failover


For large or unique deployments


Contact Sales
  • Unlimited devices
  • Unlimited subnet routers
  • Unlimited admin users
  • Unlimited named ACL users
  • IoT pricing
  • Priority support
For Team and Business plans, the maximum number of allowed devices increases with every user you add to your network. Device limits are pooled across your account, and do not need to be associated with any particular user. Need to add more devices without adding more users? See: How do device limits work?
Need more for your personal network? The Personal Pro plan expands your personal account with 100 devices, 2 subnet routers, and custom auth periods for $48 per year.
Using Tailscale for an open source or friends & family project? The Community on GitHub plan can get you up to 25 users, 5 devices per user, and 2 admins for free.

Pricing FAQs

What happens if I go over my limit?

We don’t apply hard limits that prevent you from using more devices, subnet routers, or ACL users than your plan allows. If you have a big burst of automated ephemeral nodes or want to explore additional ACL rules, feel free. If you exceed the limits of your plan for a short while, we’ll get in touch about upgrading to something more suited to your needs. Feel free to contact support if you have questions about your use-case.

How do device limits work?

Our Personal and Personal Pro plans offer a flat number of devices, but for our Team and Business plans, your total device count grows along with the number of paid users in your network. Devices limits are pooled: if you have a 50 device limit, one user can have 45 and five other users can have one device each. If you need to add more devices and do not need to add more users, you can add additional blocks of 10 devices for $5 per month. Devices shared with you don’t count toward your limit.

Does Tailscale support server-to-server connectivity?

Yes! Tailscale works the same whether you install it on two servers, a server and a client, or two clients. Every connection is always peer-to-peer and encrypted. And unlike other VPNs, there are no extra costs for which kind of devices you’re trying to connect.

How do access controls work?

You can define access control rules for your network using a simple JSON policy. Rules that target devices, ACL tags, or everyone are free. You can also target specific users by using their email address. Each unique email address in your ACL occupies a slot in your plan. For most teams, the included user counts should cover your needs. For more complex needs, you can buy additional unique users in your ACL, or use the Business plan, which provides an unlimited number of named users. On every plan, individual users can block incoming connections to their personal devices.

Who can see my traffic?

Only you. Tailscale devices connect directly with each other over encrypted WireGuard® connections. Your devices’ private keys are never shared, meaning your traffic can only be decrypted at its intended destination.

Can I use the Personal plan with my family?

Absolutely! We recommend using sharing to give members of your family access to shared devices. Shared devices don’t count towards your device limit.

Do you offer discounts for non-profits or educational institutions?

Charities, not-for-profit organizations, and educational institutions receive a 50% discount off of listed prices. Choose your billing plan in the admin console, and contact us to get the discount applied.

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