Tailscale on Azure Marketplace

You can set up Tailscale billing through the Azure Marketplace.

This process initiates communication with Tailscale sales team, who will contact you to finalize the Tailscale subscription.


  • You must have an Azure account.

Purchasing Tailscale on Azure Marketplace

  1. Open the Tailscale Plans + Pricing page in Azure Marketplace.

  2. Find the plan you want to buy and click Get it now.

  3. Read the policies and accept the agreement if you agree.

  4. On the Tailscale Enterprise Subscription page, click Subscribe.

  5. On the Basics tab of the Subscribe To Tailscale Enterprise Subscription page:

    • For Project details, enter information for your Azure subscription, resource group, and resource group location.
    • For SaaS details, enter information for the Tailscale subscription that you are creating:
      • Enter a name for your subscription.
      • Choose your Tailscale plan.
      • Choose either a monthly or yearly payment schedule.
      • Specify the number of users.
      • Choose whether recurring billing is on. When recurring billing is on, your subscription will renew at the end of the billing term.
    Tailscale subscription in Azure Marketplace
  6. Click Review + subscribe.

  7. On the Review + subscribe tab, review your settings and click Subscribe.

  8. The Tailscale sales team will contact you to finalize the subscription.

Cancelling your Tailscale subscription on Azure Marketplace

Cancelling your Tailscale billing subscription on Azure Marketplace does not delete your Tailscale network. For information about deleting your tailnet, see Deleting your tailnet.

To remove your billing subscription from Azure Marketplace:

  1. Open the SaaS page in the Azure portal.
  2. Select the name of your Tailscale subscription and click Delete. You specified the name when you purchased the subscription.
  3. If you also want to delete your Tailscale network, follow the guidance at Deleting your tailnet.


  • You cannot begin using your Tailscale network until the Tailscale sales team contacts you to finalize the subscription.
  • There is no custom Tailscale pricing available through the Azure Marketplace subscription process.
  • The minimum number of users you can specify is 10 and the maximum is 100,000.

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