Access your tailnet from Coder

Coder is a developer workspace platform which allows you to develop code in a remote environment like a VM running in a cloud provider. In Coder, you define your developer workspace as a Dockerfile.

Tailscale can be installed within a Coder workspace to be able to access private resources securely, such as package registries, or to share an environment with your colleagues for code review or pair programming.


Follow Coder’s instructions for getting Tailscale working in a Coder workspace. You’ll need to:

  1. Add tailscaled in your workspace’s Dockerfile. You’ll also need to ensure that Tailscale’s persistent state is stored in the workspace’s persistent home volume, so that Tailscale can persist connections across workspace rebuilds
  2. Enable userspace networking, and if you want to be able to have outbound connections, configure Tailscale as either a SOCKS5 or HTTP proxy


To allow the Coder workspace to join your tailnet, authenticate to Tailscale from your workspace using sudo tailscale up.