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WireGuard VPN with a dynamic IP address

One of the most difficult parts of setting up a WireGuard® VPN is configuring the VPN client to point at the VPN server's IP address.

Your WireGuard server might be on a dynamic IP, or might need you to open a port on your firewall before it can be reached.

Even if you are using a dynamic DNS service to register a hostname for your WireGuard server, the WireGuard client normally only resolves that hostname once at startup. That means you might need to restart the WireGuard client every time the server's dynamic IP changes.

You can avoid this problem by using Tailscale, which automatically configures WireGuard in an optimized mesh, bypassing the need for dynamic DNS servers or firewall ports. Both ends of a Tailscale link can be on dynamic IP addresses, and those IP addresses can change at any time, without a problem.

Tailscale is free for personal use.

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