Free pricing plans

For an overview of Tailscale’s pricing plans, including paid plans, see Pricing.


Tailscale for your own personal use with your own devices is free using the Personal plan. You can also share devices with other users via node sharing.

Community on GitHub

Your GitHub organization can use Tailscale for free if you’re using it:

  • For an open source project, using an OSI license

  • To interconnect your own friends and family

If you’re an open source project, consider using Tailscale to:

  • Access a shared build tool

  • Access an internal test server for a given platform

  • Share project resources with other developers

To use this pricing plan, you must be using GitHub for authentication. If you’re an Admin, In the Billing settings of the admin console, select the Community on GitHub plan, and self-certify you’re using Tailscale for one of these cases.

Can I subscribe to the Community on GitHub plan from a non-GitHub identity provider?

Right now, this isn’t possible because of technical limitations. In the future, if we support multi-user tailnets on other auth providers without a custom domain, we might make this plan more widely available.

Charities, not-for-profit organizations, and educational institutions

Charities, not-for-profit organizations, and educational institutions receive a 50% discount off of list prices. First, choose a plan in the Billing settings section of the admin console, then contact us to get this discount. Unsure? Feel free to reach out and ask.

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