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Setting up Tailscale on Amazon Linux 2

Packages are available for x86 and ARM CPUs, in both 32-bit and 64-bit variants.

Some versions of Amazon Linux 2 are unable to verify signatures from Tailscale, due to a bug in the gnupg2 package. If you encounter a signature verification error, check that your gnupg2 package is version 2.0.22-5.amzn2.0.4 or later. You can update if necessary with sudo yum update gnupg2

  1. Install the Yum repository manager:

    sudo yum install yum-utils
  2. Add the Tailscale repository and install Tailscale:

    sudo yum-config-manager --add-repo
    sudo yum install tailscale
  3. Use systemctl to enable and start the service:

    sudo systemctl enable --now tailscaled
  4. Connect your machine to your Tailscale network and authenticate in your browser:

    sudo tailscale up
  5. You're connected! You can find your Tailscale IPv4 address by running:

    tailscale ip -4

If the device you added is a server or remotely-accessed device, you may want to consider disabling key expiry to prevent the need to periodically re-authenticate.