Setting up Tailscale on Arch Linux (with AUR)

Tailscale can run on Arch Linux (64-bit x86 only).

  1. Install Tailscale from AUR.

  2. Generate a config file (and authenticate):

    1. sudo tailscale-login
    2. In any browser, open the URL printed to the console.
    3. Upon successful authentication you will see the Tailscale client exit. Note that it has written a configuration file to /var/lib/tailscale/relay.conf.
  3. Optional: Disable ACL support by commenting out the ACL_FILE line in /etc/default/tailscale-relay. By default, ACLs will generally block all incoming traffic.

  4. Use systemctl to install and start the service:

    1. sudo systemctl enable tailscale-relay
    2. sudo systemctl start tailscale-relay
  5. At this point, ps should show the Tailscale client running. For example:

    8292 ? Ssl  116:13 /usr/sbin/relaynode --config=/var/lib/tailscale/relay.conf --tun=wg0 --port=41641 --acl-file=/etc/tailscale/acl.json

  6. Visit the admin console and authorize your new endpoint.

    • Note that addresses are automatically authorized.
    • You will need to occasionally reauthenticate unless you disable key expiry.
  7. Obtain your Tailscale IP address using ifconfig wg0.

  8. Check out Next Steps for steps on verifying that even a single endpoint is working. With multiple endpoints, simple pings are a good way to start.

Congratulations! You’ve added your workstation to your Tailscale network.

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