Testing your connection

Try these steps to check if your connection is working.

hello.ipn.dev (IRC test server)

You don’t need two endpoints to test your Tailscale connection. To help you verify that a single endpoint is properly authorized (and for a bit of fun) we’ve set up a “party line” IRC server. All new domains have it enabled by default.

To test it:

  1. Try ping hello.ipn.dev. You should get response packets back, only when your Tailscale network is connected.

  2. Visit http://hello.ipn.dev to launch a web IRC client, or try pointing your favourite native IRC chat client at hello.ipn.dev.

  3. Join the #welcome room and chat with other Tailscale users.

  4. At any time, you may remove hello.ipn.dev using the machines page of the admin console.

Add more nodes

Once you’re sure that your first Tailscale node is working, we encourage you to activate Tailscale on more devices and test that they can connect to each other.

All the devices where you log into Tailscale with the same account (eg. an @gmail.com account) or with an account in the same organization (eg. @tailscale.com or @example.com) can see each other. If you want to restrict access between devices, you can use Access Control Lists (ACLs).

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