Set up servers

Setting up a server on your Tailscale network

Set up a server on your tailnet, and use Tailscale SSH to manage authentication for those servers.

Server role accounts using ACL tags

Learn how ACL tags let you assign an identity to a device and use that identity as part of an ACL to restrict access.

Auth keys

Learn how pre-authentication keys let you register new devices without requiring sign in via a web browser.

Key Expiry

See details about enabling or disabling key expiry, and how to renew keys for an expired device.

Tailscale SSH

Use Tailscale SSH to manage the authentication and authorization of SSH connections on your tailnet.

Tailscale SSH Console

Use Tailscale SSH Console to start an SSH session directly from the admin console.

Tailscale SSH session recording

Use Tailscale SSH session recording to collect end-to-end encrypted recordings of Tailscale SSH sessions.

Enabling HTTPS

Learn how to configure HTTPS for devices in your Tailscale network.

Ephemeral nodes

See how to set up an ephemeral node.

Keep Tailscale running when I'm not logged in to my computer

Learn how or whether your device can run Tailscale even when no users are logged in.

Advanced topics

Secure a Windows RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) server

Learn how to secure a Windows RDP server.