Route traffic

Subnet routers and traffic relay nodes

Learn how to relay traffic from your Tailscale network onto your physical subnet.

Subnet router failover

Learn how to set up a failover subnet router, also called a high-availability (HA) subnet router.

4via6 subnet routers

Learn how to send traffic to overlapped IPv4 subnets.

Site-to-site networking

Learn how to connect two subnets on your tailnet with each other.

Exit Nodes (route all traffic)

See how to route all internet traffic through a specific device on your network.

Mullvad Exit Nodes

Learn how to use Mullvad VPN endpoints as exit nodes for your tailnet.

DNS in Tailscale

Learn how to automatically assign DNS names for devices in your Tailscale network.

Configuring Linux DNS

See workarounds to common problems when configuring DNS on Linux.


Find out how to automatically register DNS names for devices in your Tailscale network.