Restrict access

Network access controls (ACLs)

Find out how ACLs let you define what a particular user or device is permitted to access on your Tailscale network.

Device authorization

Learn how to review and approve new devices before they can join your Tailscale network.

Machine names

Learn how machine names are determined, and how to rename a machine.

Manage users

See how to invite users, assign or change user roles, and remove users from your Tailscale network.

Supported SSO identity providers (Google, AzureAD, GitHub, Okta, etc)

Find out if Tailscale works with your identity provider.

Key Expiry

See details about enabling or disabling key expiry, and how to renew keys for an expired device.

Filter devices in the admin console

See how to find devices meeting certain criteria in the machines page of the admin console.

Configuration audit logging

Learn how to identify who did what, and when, to your tailnet configuration.


Learn how to set up a webhook to receive notification of events on your Tailscale network.

Advanced topics

Manage client preferences

See how to block incoming connections from Tailscale, or ignore Tailscale’s DNS settings and advertised routes.

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