Manage access

Manage permissions (ACLs)

Find out how ACLs let you define what a particular user or device is permitted to access on your Tailscale network.

GitOps for Tailscale ACLs

See how to use GitOps to maintain your tailnet policy file as code.

Manage devices

See how to review and approve devices, rename a machine, and filter devices in the admin console.

Manage users

See how to invite users, assign or change user roles, remove users, and quickly switch between accounts.

Tailnet lock

Learn how you can verify that no node is added to your tailnet without being signed by trusted nodes in your tailnet.

Tailnet name

A tailnet name identifies your tailnet and is used in features such as MagicDNS, HTTPS certificates, and sharing.

Domain ownership

Learn how your tailnet is tied to your domain.

Delete your tailnet

Learn how to delete your Tailscale network.

Advanced topics

Manage client preferences

See how to block incoming connections from Tailscale, or ignore Tailscale’s DNS settings and advertised routes.