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Setting up Tailscale on a Chromebook

You can install Tailscale on a Chromebook from the Google Play Store. It runs as an Android app on your device.

Some policies prevent installing Android apps on a Chromebook. If your device is on a network that prevents installing Android apps, there is currently no alternative to install Tailscale.

To install Tailscale:

  1. From the Launcher, open Play Store.

  2. Locate the Tailscale application and click Install.

  3. When installation completes, click Open.

  4. For the This app is designed for mobile popup, click Got it.

  5. Click Get Started.

    Get Started screen
  6. Sign up using your SSO identity provider.

  7. For the Connection request popup, click OK.

    Connection Request screen

Congratulations! You’ve added your Chromebook to your Tailscale network.