Access QNAP, Unraid, or FreeNAS from anywhere

Tailscale makes it easy to securely connect to your Network-Attached Storage (NAS) devices over WireGuard®. There are different levels of official or community support depending on the platform.

In general, install Tailscale on the NAS and follow the steps to authorize it.

Tailscale is completely free for most personal uses, including accessing your NAS.

If you run into problems, email us at contact support or visit the linked GitHub issues.


Tailscale is available officially in the Synology Package Center, including an easy-to-use web UI for configuration. See our Tailscale on Synology page for details.


Special thanks to ivokub, who has contributed a community-maintained Tailscale QPKG package builder.

You can read more about ongoing improvements in our QNAP GitHub issue.


Special thanks to deasmi, who contributed Tailscale Unraid Docker build files and Docker Hub image.


Tailscale’s FreeBSD support is community-maintained but functional. Tailscale is now in FreeBSD Ports.

FreeNAS is based on FreeBSD. Our users have reported that Tailscale’s FreeBSD version works fine on FreeNAS.

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