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What is is a server administered by Tailscale staff to help new users test their network. It is added by default to every new network. can only be accessed over Tailscale. If loads in your browser, you’re connected over Tailscale! is a private, “one-way” server. It is not accessible via the public internet, and ACLs restrict it from making any outgoing connections. Once your network is configured, we recommend removing from your network. See below for instructions.

How can I remove it from my network?

You can remove at any time from the machines page of your admin console. Press the ellipsis icon for a link to remove it.

Once removed, it will disappear from the list, and no users on your network will be able to connect.

How can I re-add

If you removed, and would like to re-add it for testing purposes, you can use this special invite link to accept it back into your network:

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