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Testing your connection

Try these steps to check if your connection is working.


You don’t need two nodes to test your Tailscale connection. To verify you’re connected over Tailscale, we’ve set up a test server named It is included in all new Tailscale networks by default.

Visit in your browser. If it loads, you’re connected!

Once you’ve tested your connection, feel free to remove from your network. For more details, read our documentation about

Add more nodes

Once you’re sure that your first Tailscale node is working, we encourage you to activate Tailscale on more devices and test that they can connect to each other.

All the devices where you log into Tailscale with the same account (eg. an account) or with an account in the same organization (eg. or can see each other. If you want to restrict access between devices, you can use Access Control Lists (ACLs).

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