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Add custom extra DNS records to your tailnet

Tailscale provides DNS to the nodes in your Tailscale network (known as a tailnet) to support MagicDNS node names and custom DNS configuration. Using Tailscale's DNS infrastructure, you can configure extra DNS records that will resolve on your nodes.

Custom extra DNS records are currently in private alpha. Therefore, this topic is currently hidden.
  1. Contact Tailscale support and have the extraDNSRecords setting enabled in your tailnet.
  2. Go to the DNS page of the admin console. In the Nameservers section, go to Global nameservers and enable Override Local DNS.
  3. After you've confirmed the steps above, go to the Access controls page of the admin console, and edit your policy file to include an extraDNSRecords field:
    "acls": ["..."],
    "extraDNSRecords": [
        {"Name": "custom.record", "Value": ""},

This adds the domain name custom.record to each node on your tailnet, which resolves an A record pointing to