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Setting up Tailscale with static binaries (unsupported)

If you would like to try Tailscale on a Linux distribution we don’t yet support, we offer statically-compiled binaries on a best-effort basis.

If you use these binaries, let us know at [email protected], so that we can consider adding official support for your distribution.

We offer static binaries for x86 and ARM CPUs, in both 32-bit and 64-bit variants.

  1. Download the static binaries for your CPU architecture:

  2. Unpack the archive

    tar xvf tailscale_VERSION_ARCH.tgz
  3. Start tailscaled

    sudo tailscaled --state=tailscaled.state

    If you want to configure systemd to run tailscaled automatically, a service configuration is available in the systemd/ subdirectory of the unpacked archive.

  4. Authenticate and connect your machine to your Tailscale network

    sudo tailscale up
  5. You’re connected! You can find your Tailscale IPv4 address by running:

    tailscale ip -4

If the device you added is a server or remotely-accessed device, you may want to consider disabling key expiry to prevent the need to periodically re-authenticate.

To try upcoming Tailscale features, you can also install Tailscale from the [unstable track][pkgs-unstable]. However, as the name suggests, you should expect more bugs and unfinished features on that track.

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