Access QNAP NAS from anywhere

Tailscale makes it easy to securely connect to your QNAP NAS devices over WireGuard®.

Tailscale is free for most personal uses, including accessing your NAS.

Supported QNAP hardware

  • x86-64bit devices
  • arm-64bit devices

Installation steps

  1. Open the QNAP App Center.

  2. Open the Communications section.

    The QNAP App Center interface
  3. Locate the Tailscale application and click Install.

  4. After the Tailscale app installation is completed, click on the Tailscale app icon, and select Open.

  5. Log in to your Tailscale network.

    Log in to the Tailscale network
  6. In the Connect device page, click Connect.

Alternative installation options

  • You can download the Tailscale app from the QNAP App Center website, and install the app on your NAS.
  • You can build and install the Tailscale package for QNAP NAS directly from the Tailscale GitHub repo. This method allows you to update to the very latest versions that might not yet be available in QNAP App Center.


When used with QNAP, Tailscale supports these features:

  • Receive Taildrop files from other tailnet devices automatically, when you create a shared folder named “Tailnet” on your NAS.
  • Web-based login to any supported identity provider.
  • Access your QNAP NAS from anywhere, without opening firewall ports.
  • Share your NAS with designated Tailscale users, using node sharing.
  • Restrict access to your NAS using ACLs.
  • Use your NAS as a subnet router to provide external access to your LAN. (Currently requires command-line steps.)
  • Use your NAS as an exit node for secure Internet access from anywhere. (Currently requires command-line steps.)

Special thanks

Special thanks to ivokub, who has contributed a community-maintained Tailscale QPKG package builder.

You can read more about ongoing improvements in our QNAP GitHub issue.

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