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Legacy Pricing

These are pricing plans are no longer available.

This page is kept online as a reference for customers on legacy plans. See our current pricing plans.


For individuals or small teams who want all that Tailscale has to offer, for free.


Per active user/month

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Users and devices

  • Up to 3 users w/Custom Domain
  • Up to 100 devices. Need more?


  • Peer-To-Peer Connections
  • MagicDNS
  • Network, Resource-level, and Attribute-based Access Policies (ACLs)
  • User Approval
  • SSO with standard IdP


For teams or organizations looking for an easy-to-use, secure, legacy VPN replacement.


Per active user/month

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Users and devices

  • First 3 users free
  • Unlimited Users
  • 100 devices + 10 devices per user Need more?


  • Limited ACLs
  • ACL tags
  • Auth Keys
  • SSO with standard IdP
  • Configuration Audit Logging
  • Webhooks


For companies who need service and resource level authentication and access control.


Per active user/month

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Users and devices

  • First 3 users free
  • Unlimited Users
  • 100 devices + 20 devices per user Need more?


  • ACLs
  • SSO with advanced IdP
  • Network flow logging
  • Tailscale SSH
  • Tailscale Funnel
  • GitOps for ACLs
  • Admin user roles
  • MDM Policies
  • Priority support


For companies who need advanced integrations, compliance and support for access control at scale.


Purpose-built for business

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Users and devices

  • Unlimited Users
  • 100 devices + 20 devices per user Need more?


  • User & Group provisioning (SCIM)
  • Network flow logging with log streaming
  • Tailscale SSH session recording
  • Annual Billing
  • Pay By Invoice
  • Tailnet Lock
  • Advanced Device Posture Management
  • MDM Policies
  • Additional Support Options


Get more out of Tailscale with optional add-ons. Available on all plans. Head to the settings page to configure your add-ons.


Securely and privately browse the web with Tailscale + Mullvad.
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Per month for 5 devices

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Additional devices

You can always add devices without adding more users to your plan.
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Per device/month

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Have any questions? Check out our product FAQ, licensing FAQ, or contact our sales team.

Pricing FAQs

Does Tailscale have a free trial?

Tailscale has a Free plan that includes nearly everything Tailscale has to offer for up to 100 devices, and up to 3 provisioned users.

How does monthly active user billing work?

Tailscale will charge you at the end of each month for all active users on your account during that time period. Tailscale will automatically apply a credit for 3 monthly active users to the Starter and Premium plan. For example, if you have 10 active users in a month then you will only be billed for 7 of them.

How do device limits work?

Our Free plan offers the ability to add a maximum of 100 devices. However for our Starter, Premium, and Enterprise plans the total number of allowed devices increases as the number of provisioned users on the network increases. Device limits are pooled across the account.

For example: if you have 5 users on the Starter plan, you are entitled to 100 devices + (5 users x 10 devices each) = 150 devices. One user can have 30 provisioned devices and the remaining four users can each have 5 provisioned devices, leaving a pool of 100 devices for shared company resources (e.g. servers or file shares). Devices shared with you as a user don’t count towards your limit.

How does add-on device pricing work?

For example, if you sign up for the Starter plan and have 2 users, you are entitled to 120 devices. If you have 200 devices you want to add to your tailnet, you can purchase 80 more devices for your plan at $0.50 each, without needing to add more users.

What's the benefit of Access Control Lists (ACLs)?

ACLs allow your organization to adopt one of the core tenets of Zero Trust networking: least privileged access. Before joining your tailnet every user is authenticated using an identity provider (IdP) such as Okta, Azure AD, or Github. Organizations on certain plans can choose to segment their users into roles and groups (e.g. developer and engineering org) to apply policies at scale. ACL tags, the last piece to this puzzle, allow you to assign an identity to your devices. Once these pieces are in place, your teams can enforce least privilege access across your organization’s private network.

What is the difference between ACLs in Starter and Premium?

Customers on the Premium (and above) plan will get full ACL functionality. This includes having the ability to name individual users directly in ACL rules, the ability to create custom groups in the ACL file and the ability to name those custom groups in ACL rules. Customers in the Starter plans are are limited to the autogroups "admin" and "member" only. These are predefined roles created by Tailscale. Please see our ACL documentation for a more comprehensive explanation on ACLs and the Starter Plan ACL example for more information.

Do you offer discounts for non-profits or educational institutions?

Not-for-profit organizations and educational institutions are eligible for a 50% discount. In order to receive the discount, you will need to provide documentation of your registered entity. Choose your plan on the Billing page of the admin console, then contact us to have the discount applied.

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