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Securely and privately browse the web with Tailscale and Mullvad

Connect your users, machines, and devices with Tailscale, surf the web privately and securely with Mullvad's global exit nodes. All in one seamless solution.

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Tailscale has partnered with Mullvad to make its global network of VPN servers available for our customers.

Easily browse the web through any one of Mullvad's available servers, using any available nodes as a Tailscale exit node. And maintain the user privacy that's synonymous with Mullvad.

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Tailscale and Mullvad: Your own personal private network

Browse Securely

Connect everything you need using Tailscale, and browse the web securely via Mullvad, all in one simple, secure, and powerful networking solution.

Connect anything to Kubernetes

Two VPNs, One Experience

Ensure complete interoperability with full integration between Tailscale and Mullvad, saving time and streamlining operations.

Cross-Cluster Peering

Privacy for your Entire Team

Extend the private browsing experience of Mullvad to your entire organization, with complete control, easy billing, and scalable configuration.

Secure End-to-End Connectivity

Mullvad & Tailscale: A match made in privacy heaven

Tailscale enables secure remote access that's almost like magic compared to the status quo of legacy networking. With Tailscale and Mullvad together, you can both connect to the things you care about no matter where you are, and also privately browse the web with Mullvad's global, secure, and performant network edge.

Leverage Mullvad for web browsing right from your Tailnet, with simplified one-click deployment, streamlined pricing, and seamless integration with everything you already love about Tailscale.

Seamless Management

Seamless Management

Automate the management, configuration, and billing of Mullvad. Tailscale fully manages Mullvad, enabling you to instantly leverage global exit nodes as a service all from within Tailscale.
One VPN that Does it All

One VPN that Does it All

Operating multiple VPNs can often mean multiple headaches, with interoperability issues, overlaps, and manual toggling slowing down operations. With Tailscale + Mullvad fully integrated, the VPN experience is converged and streamlined. Set it, and forget it. It's that easy.
Best of Both Worlds

Best of Both Worlds

Connect your users, devices, and machines with Tailscale, and browse the web securely and privately with Mullvad. All from the comfort of a singular dashboard.
Simple Pricing

Simple Pricing

$5 a month for 5 devices, with easy automated recurring billing via Tailscale that scales to meet the needs of your entire team

Exit Nodes as-a-Service

Looking for an exit node for Internet-bound traffic? Tailscale does the work for you and makes establishing an exit node as simple as a few clicks.

With simple and affordable pricing, adding Mullvad exit nodes onto your Tailscale experience is a fast and easy way to ensure users are browsing the web securely, all from within your Tailnet. It's Exit Nodes as-a-Service, Tailscale style.

Exit Nodes as-a-Service

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