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Tailscale securely connects employee devices, developer resources, and shared services to help teams at large organizations maintain velocity.

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Network disruptions stifle innovation and hurt morale. Tailscale unleashes productivity by fundamentally rewriting how developers connect to remote resources, employees access shared services, and organizations meet their security, compliance, and regulatory requirements.

We help customers build zero trust enterprise networks.



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"The API, the simplicity of the ACLs, plus the granularity it gives us in access control is unchallenged, and it presents a wonderful opportunity to improve security at our company and provide a much more simple and usable experience for our staff"

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Louis Gardner Principal Security Infrastructure Engineer

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Hear from our customers

"With Tailscale ACLs and exit nodes, Instacart found that maintaining compliance is easier than ever because ACLs allow fine-grained control over who has access to their HIPAA-compliant environment."

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Mike Deeks Senior Staff Software Engineer

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“Now, employees with access to exit nodes can securely access internal company resources, and Mercari has an additional layer of control — managing which employees have access to these nodes with device tags and Tailscale ACLs”

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Hirotaka Nakajima Senior Software Engineer

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Works anywhere

Tailscale works on all major operating systems including Linux, macOS, iOS, Android & Windows; and can be deployed using our Terraform & Pulumi providers.

Streamline onboarding

Invite users to log in with any supported identity provider, use custom OIDC to add your own SSO provider, or automatically provision users and groups.

Granular access control

Enforce granular access control policies ( ACLs ) as code, or programatically manage and version-control your policy file with GitOps for ACLs.

Stay up-to-date

Stream network traffic and admin activity to your preferred SIEM to detect and respond to potential incidents in real-time.

Enhanced security

Add another layer of security with Tailnet lock , to ensure that nodes can't join your tailnet without being signed by an already trusted node.

Enhanced Privacy

Encrypt network traffic end-to-end, route traffic through an Exit Node to help secure remote connections, or set up NextDNS to filter traffic from untrusted sources.

Add services

Quickly spin up services like golinks to enable access to the apps and resources your team uses the most.

Incremental adoption

Use a subnet router to segment your network over time (adding entire VPCs) where you can't, or haven't installed Tailscale yet.

Simplify SSH

SSH into devices on your network without the need to manually generate, distribute and rotate SSH keys.

Tailscale scales with you

Every part of Tailscale is designed with connectivity, security, and reliability in mind so you'll always be ready when something changes.

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Mesh capable

Establish direct peer-to-peer connections between devices, to reduce downtime and avoid unnecessary bottlenecks. Set up a subnet router (proxy) to quickly connect entire VPCs or on-prem deployments.

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Zero trust

Authenticate every sign-in and network connection, segment sensitive resources, and auto-provision users. Enable fine-grained access controls and accountability across your entire network.

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Overlay network

Manage network-level access to sensitive resources and environments, and reliably connect across complex firewall configurations. Audit activity to ensure network health and security.

How does Tailscale work?

Tailscale is a mesh-capable overlay network with robust infrastructure as code (IaC) integrations that make deploying Tailscale across your enterprise network as seamless as possible. Access is default-deny, and fine-grained user and device access control rules (ACLs) let organizations define when to allow connections between devices, resources, and services on a network.

The result is a secure and reliable network that gives IT, DevOps, and network administrators the control, flexibility, and visibility they need to scale your business.

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Our commitment to security

We have a deep commitment to keeping your data safe. Our connections are end-to-end encrypted with WireGuard®, a modern VPN designed for usability, performance, and security. You can keep up-to-date with the latest updates via our Security Bulletin below.

Build with peace of mind

If our ease of use, reliable network, and on-demand resources aren’t enough, Tailscale’s customer support is here. Get faster response time SLAs with Priority Support, or customize support options that meet the needs of your Enterprise.

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