Setup a private corporate network in minutes

Create and manage software-defined overlay networks so employees can safely and easily connect to shared company resources, infrastructure and devices from anywhere in the world.

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Setup a private corporate network in minutes

Tailscale is trusted by more than 2,000 companies

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A corporate VPN teams can work with, instead of work around

Tailscale is built on Zero Trust principles to help organizations meet their regulatory and compliance requirements. This means that enterprises can add sophisticated security capabilities and access controls — to ensure that every connection is authenticated, traffic is end-to-end encrypted, and nodes can only be reached by approved users.

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Easily manage, monitor, and secure remote access to team resources

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Better user management and access control
  • Manage user and device permissions with Tailscale ACLs.
  • Log in with SSO & MFA, and automate provisioning with SCIM support for popular identity providers.
  • Review and approve users and devices before they join your tailnet, and secure your network with Tailnet lock.
Scale and automate network deployments & configurations
Secure networking at any scale
  • Stay connected, even when switching between WiFi and cell networks.
  • Route all traffic through an exit node when traveling, or on an untrusted WiFi network.
  • Relay traffic through a subnet router to access devices you can't install tailscale on, cloud VPCs, or K8s clusters.
Enhanced security and compliance

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Hear from our customers

"The API, the simplicity of the ACLs, plus the granularity it gives us in access control is unchallenged, and it presents a wonderful opportunity to improve security at our company and provide a much more simple and usable experience for our staff"

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Louis Gardner Principal Security Infrastructure Engineer

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Hear from our customers

"With Tailscale ACLs and exit nodes, Instacart found that maintaining compliance is easier than ever because ACLs allow fine-grained control over who has access to their HIPAA-compliant environment."

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Mike Deeks Senior Staff Software Engineer

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Hear from our customers

Now, employees with access to exit nodes can securely access internal company resources, and Mercari has an additional layer of control — managing which employees have access to these nodes with device tags and Tailscale ACLs

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Hirotaka Nakajima Senior Software Engineer

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Tailscale makes networking easy

Whatever you're trying to accomplish, Tailscale can help you manage access to remote, private, or shared resources from anywhere in the world.

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Configure your network

Rapidly deploy a WireGuard®-based VPN for your team's users, devices, and shared resources.

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Share company resources

Securely access VMs, containers, databases and more, wherever they are.

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Securely transfer information

Easily connect hardware, VM/VPCs, containers, and other infra to securely transfer data between on-prem, cloud, and extensible resources like K8s clusters on your Tailscale network.

How does Tailscale work?

Tailscale is a mesh-capable overlay network with robust user and device access control rules (ACLs) that let organizations define when to allow direct connections between devices and other resources on a network. With centralized ACLs, admins have the control, flexibility, and visibility they need to scale and micro-segment shared resources to meet their regulatory requirements and Zero Trust security needs.

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We take your security seriously

We have a deep commitment to keeping your data safe. Our connections are end-to-end encrypted with WireGuard®, a modern VPN designed for usability, performance, and security. You can keep up-to-date with the latest updates via our Security Bulletin below.

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