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March Tailscale newsletter

4 minsMarch 13 2024
Parker Higgins
Parker Higgins

One of the best parts of working at Tailscale is getting to talk to our users and learn how people use our software to find creative solutions to everyday problems. These solutions happen at every scale, too — sometimes we hear from people who use Tailscale to connect to back-up servers they store in a friend’s basement, and sometimes it’s teams of engineers that use it to access data centers. (On that latter front, a milestone: we’ve just celebrated 5,000 teams as customers!) Over the last month we’ve been focusing on getting some of that information back into the hands of users with new documentation, resources, and videos. Whether you’re working in AI, using Tailscale for IoT & edge computing, or just sharing private services with friends and family, we’ve got you covered.

Product updates

An update on updates

Tailscale auto-updates are now Generally Available, with a number of usability and control improvements. Since our initial release, we’ve added a few upgrades, including smarter scheduling around when to ship updates, more information on the admin console, and an option to enroll new nodes in automatic updates by default.

Customize Tailscale at work with MDM Policies

Also Generally Available: Tailscale Mobile Device Management (MDM) policies for our Premium and Enterprise customers. MDM policies bring new levels of control and security to your Tailscale experience. The convergence of VPN and MDM offers security advantages for remote workers while also ensuring the integrity of your corporate network management.

Maintain security for your Tailscale secrets with GitLab

Over the past several months, we’ve announced several exciting integrations that aim to improve your security by making it easy and straightforward to discover when your keys have been inadvertently exposed. We’re making another step forward on this journey by announcing an integration between Tailscale and GitLab, the popular DevSecOps platform.

From the community

How I run private services with Tailscale and a custom domain

Gabriel Garrido: “I use a virtual private server to host multiple services that are accessed only by me. Instead of exposing these services to the public internet, I use Tailscale to access them privately through my Tailscale network. There are several ways in which I can access these services through Tailscale. I have settled on an approach involving a custom domain, proper TLS certificates, and without opening the server to the public internet.”

Tailscale + Mosh

Blink Shell: “We love Tailscale for its effortless VPN setup and secure remote access via SSH. But SSH has its problems…. That’s where Blink comes in. You can pair Blink with Tailscale and upgrade your connection from SSH to the more stable, more responsive Mosh protocol, letting you code without the delays and hiccups. You can access any machine in your Tailscale network for development, server management, and more, from your mobile devices with optimal performance.”

Securely Connect to Your Digitalocean Database With a Droplet and Tailscale Subnet

Teevio: “Everyone knows they should be using a VPN to connect to the database, but VPNs are notoriously complicated and annoying to set up for everyone involved. It’s so much easier to connect directly to the database and the infrastructure person will fix that problem whenever they are hired, someday. This is where Tailscale shines.”

Tailscale IRL

SCALE 21x and DevOpsDaysLA

Tailscale is sponsoring both SoCal tech events. We’re also co-hosting a casual happy hour with Chainguard (attendance is free, but registration required!)
Where: Los Angeles, CA
When: March 14-17

KubeCon EU

Tailscale is joining KubeCon as a silver sponsor. Registration is available. And join us on March 20 for a rock'n'roll celebration at the Johnny Hallydays' Expo in Porte de Versailles, a unique experience you can't miss.
Where: Paris, France
When: March 20–22

Webinar: Kubernetes & Tailscale: Simplified Cluster Connectivity

Kubernetes networking can be a black box. The myriad options around API servers, pod networks, service networks, load-balancers, and ingresses can mean dramatic expense and increase complexity. Join Lee Briggs, a Tailscale Solutions Engineer, to learn how Tailscale and the Tailscale operator can dramatically simplify your Kubernetes networking needs.
When: March 27, 2024


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