Thanks for all the code!

This Thanksgiving, Tailscale is thankful for all the people whose code we build upon.

One might say we stand upon the shoulders of giants, but looking at our dependencies, a castell might be more accurate. In any case, we couldn’t have done it alone.

As a small gesture of gratitude, we’re giving out free Personal Pro accounts to people who’ve contributed to Tailscale’s repos or to code that Tailscale depends on, even if it was written years before Tailscale existed.

If you log in to the Tailscale admin panel and you’re on our list, a “Thanks!” heart will appear in the top right corner, letting you upgrade to Personal Pro for free. If you don’t see a heart, though, we might’ve missed you or have you under a different account or account type. If you’re either the creator of or a past or current notable contributor to code we use, please contact us with details and we’ll update our list and make sure the Gmail or GitHub account you want to use with Tailscale is on our list.

We’ll continue maintaining our list going forward. Also, our list includes people who don’t yet use Tailscale. If you just signed up for Tailscale and are surprised to see a heart and “Thanks!”, that’s why.

Thanks for all the code! ❤️

P.S. if you missed it earlier, Tailscale’s multi-user support is also free for open source projects!

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