From security-audited enterprises to home server hobbyists, Tailscale makes networking easy for everyone.


Connect your personal devices


  • Up to 100 devices
  • Limited to a single user
  • No need to open firewall ports
  • Secured with WireGuard®
  • Connect to AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud instances
  • Available for iOS, macOS, Linux, Windows
  • Community support


Connect your whole team


per user

per month

  • Up to 100 devices shared across your team
  • Invite your whole team
  • Automatic key rotation
  • Basic access controls
  • Multiple administrators
  • Email support


Manage your teams and networks


per user

per month

  • Up to 500 devices shared across your team
  • Identity-based Access Control Lists (ACLs)
  • Role-Based Access Controls (RBAC) and ACL Groups
  • Customizable key rotation policies
  • Okta integration
  • Email support


Enforce access policies

Contact Us

  • On-premise options available
  • Endpoint and connection monitoring for compliance and auditing
  • Custom support

Questions & Answers

What's included in the Solo plan?

Everything needed to connect your personal devices: one Gmail login, a basic admin console, and up to 100 devices. If you’re working with others, we recommend our paid plans that offer access controls, per-user identification, and dedicated support.

Can I use the Solo plan with my family?

Sure! We recommend creating a new Gmail account and sharing it with your family for this purpose.

What is an admin account?

Admin users have access to our administration console, letting them view all devices on their respective network. From here they can manually authorize or deauthorize devices, and more.

Who can inspect my traffic?

Only you. Tailscale devices connect directly with each other over encrypted WireGuard connections. Your devices’ private keys are never shared, meaning your traffic can only be decrypted at its intended destination.

In rare cases—when devices can’t directly connect to each other due to difficult networks—we route encrypted packets through one of our secure relay servers, which never see any decryption keys.

Why can I log in with my company domain while I’m on the Solo plan?

We’re currently not enforcing the plan limits, but will be in the near future. You will receive plenty of notice before we begin enforcing plan limits.

Have more questions? We’re here to help. Contact our team.