Simplifying the long tail of software development

Most teams build systems that don't ever need to be Internet scale. Our vision is to remove overhead and complexity from this “long tail” of software and operational problems that people face every day.

We founded Tailscale in early 2019 to build tools to help make these systems faster, easier, and more secure.


Avery Pennarun previously consulted to Alphabet senior leadership and led Google Fiber’s gigabit WiFi and platform analytics team. His open source projects include wvdial, sshuttle, bup, and redo. He started Net Integration Technologies (Nitix), which sold to IBM in 2008. Avery is on the Board of Directors for a Schedule I Canadian bank.
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David Crawshaw is formerly a Staff Software Engineer at Google, where he specialized in petabyte-scale logs processing. He implemented TCP/IP networking for Fuchsia, as well as ported the Go language platform to iOS and Android.
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David Carney is the former COO/CFO of, where he bootstrapped the company to 50 employees and millions in revenue. He has over two decades of experience in consulting, software engineering, and program management.