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Tailscale October Newsletter

November 01 2023
Luis DelValle
Luis DelValle

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October Recap

We are back with another recap of a busy month here at Tailscale. We have plenty to share including product releases, upcoming events and exciting Tailscale use cases from our community. Let’s jump in:

Product spotlight

VS Code and Tailscale

If VS Code is your IDE of choice, our extension can help you explore, edit, and transfer the files on any node in your Tailscale network. Easily manage remote files on any device you can reach through Tailscale SSH, right in VS Code. 

Want to see what you can do using VS Code and Tailscale? Watch a demo from Alex, our head of DevRel, using the Machine Explorer feature to edit remote files to set up a Factorio multiplayer server.  Watch now.

Product Updates: 

Mesh your Kubernetes cluster to the rest of your network with the Tailscale Kubernetes operator 

We are excited to release the Tailscale Kubernetes operator to beta. This feature allows you to more easily deploy Tailscale to your Kubernetes network in order to expose services in your cluster to your tailnet and egress from a cluster to a service on your tailnet, as well as to access the kube-apiserver securely. 

Reintroducing Serve and Funnel: even simpler sharing with your tailnet (or the world!)

Tailscale’s Serve and Funnel have undergone improvements based on user interactions to enhance their usability. The aim is to ensure that these tools become more commonly used by prioritizing user needs. Learn more details about these features and their recent updates here

Keeping Tailscale clients up-to-date 

We are constantly making performance improvements, adding new features, and fixing bugs in the Tailscale client. To make it easier for you to get those improvements, we’re adding auto-update support on all platforms where Tailscale runs. 

Auto-updates are in Beta and available to everyone starting with Tailscale 1.52. There will be no surprises when you upgrade to 1.52 — auto-updates are off by default. 

Consider enabling auto-updates on your machines to:

  • Patch any security issues quickly, before attackers get a chance to exploit them
  • Get access to the latest features, performance improvements and bug fixes
  • Reduce the toil of manual updates

Follow these instructions to enable auto-updates. 

A homelabber’s networking playground using VLANs

It’s crucial to experiment and learn by testing, even if it leads to breaking things. However, finding a safe environment to do so is often challenging. In this video, Alex explains how to set up a segmented network zone for learning purposes using Proxmox to virtualize OPNsense.

Want to build something using these new releases?

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News from the community

IoT: Using Taiscale with TFTP
One of our loyal customers wrote about how they use Tailscale in a home data acquisition network. 

My Pi Zero Setup
Jackie Jude (@jackie) shares how she uses many Tailscale features including SSH, MagicDNS, HTTPS and more!

Tailscale IRL

We are excited to see anyone attending KubeCon, where we are co-hosting a happy hour with GitLab, so be sure to sign up to hang out with us! If you want to see a demo of the new Tailscale Kubernetes operator at our KubeCon booth, you can reserve a spot with us ahead of time 

We have events coming up all around the world including Chicago, London and Berlin. 

Where: Chicago, Illinois
When: November 6th through the 9th

Women of Silicon Roundtable
Where: London, England
When: November 22nd & 23rd
Maya Kaczorowski, Tailscale’s Chief Product Officer, is speaking

LeadDev Berlin 

Where: Berlin, Germany

When: December 4th & 5th

And thanks again to all those that stopped by and chatted with us at All Things Open in Raleigh, N.C.!  Here are some pics from the event:

2023 All Things Open in Raleigh, N.C.

2023 All Things Open in Raleigh, N.C.

What are our customers building

A Reliable VPN for Zego’s DevOps

Zego, a UK-based payments company servicing gig economy workers, experienced rapid growth, with over 600+ employees, which also strained their IT infrastructure. Initially using OpenVPN for remote work, they faced issues in scalability which led them to explore alternatives. After considering a custom WireGuard® solution and its maintenance challenges, they turned to Tailscale for its promising client features. 

Check out our other customer stories here.

🚀Are you building something cool or exciting using Tailscale? We love hearing about how our customers use Tailscale for their personal setups or at the workplace. We want to share these examples with the broader Tailscale community. If interested, fill out this form, and we will share your experience in an upcoming newsletter.

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