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Tailscale June Newsletter

June 28 2023
Jackie Pruter
Jackie Pruter

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June News

Before we get into what happened in June, let’s go back to the beginning of the month. We wrapped up May and kicked off June with some pretty big news - we had our first ever community conference, Tailscale Up. To celebrate that occasion, we announced new features that address some of the top community feature requests.

  • Invite external users to your Tailnet
  • Passkeys for login
  • VS Code extension

Check out an overview of each feature HERE.

We’ve got a bunch of cool community contributions and new Tailscale features to share this month. Let’s jump in:

Tailscale in real life + virtually

Tailscale is a proud sponsor of LeadDev London!

Tailscale is sponsoring LeadDev, a conference for software engineering managers to develop their leadership skills, June 27-28 in London. If you are attending, we’d love it if you stopped by booth #17 to say hello, learn more about our latest features, and enter our sweepstakes for a chance to win a Moonlander Keyboard.

Tailscale is sponsoring BlackHat USA - Las Vegas!

BlackHat USA is a cybersecurity conference that provides security consulting, training, and briefings to hackers, corporations, and government agencies around the world. If you are attending this year’s event from Aug. 9 - 10, we’d love it if you stopped by booth 2821D to say hello and learn more about our latest features.

From the community

Lon.TV: Tailscale is the easiest personal VPN solution (video)

Lon Seidman walks through setting up a Tailscale network from scratch, and demonstrates a set-up to stream SRT video from multiple cameras.

David Field: How I run my home network

Part 3 in a personal series about Tailscale, this article discusses configuring Tailscale to provide convenient access to multiple services in a home network while traveling.

The Engineering Leadership Podcast: Rapid prototyping & developing your product instinct

Tailscale co-founder and CTO David Crawshaw discusses the challenges and rewards of building quick prototypes on accelerated iteration cycles.

From the team

Invite anyone to your tailnet

You can invite anyone to your Tailscale network (tailnet) even if they’re on a different domain or using a shared domain like Gmail. With external invites, all tailnets can add users from any identity or email provider.

Security, Productivity, and ZTNA with Tailscale Enterprise

Tailscale makes it easy to create robust networks of devices without having admins worry about properly scoping firewall rules, fine tuning DNS and network configurations, and setting up certificate authorities.

Tailscale doesn’t want your password

To keep logins sane, Tailscale started by requiring users log in using reasonably well-managed Google and Microsoft auth providers. Now, we are happy to offer a modern replacement for passwords that meets our security requirements: passkeys.

Bring your tailnet to VS Code

We’re releasing a Tailscale extension for Visual Studio Code, a text editor we hear is pretty popular. The new extension, now in beta, brings the magic of your tailnet even closer to your code and makes it easier than ever to share your local development over the internet for collaboration, testing, and experimentation. It lets you use Tailscale directly in VS Code on macOS and Windows platforms.

Tailscale now in the QNAP App Center

An official Tailscale app has landed in the QNAP App Center, so now users of the company’s network-attached storage devices can download and install a Tailscale client with just a few clicks.

Customer stories

Bamboo Health automates user management and simplifies remote access with Tailscale

This article discusses how Bamboo Health, a leading technology provider for healthcare organizations, uses Tailscale to automate user management, simplify remote access, and enhance network security, resulting in improved operational efficiency and better patient outcomes.

Check out our other customer stories here.

Tailscale learning library

How Tailscale can add Security and Privacy to your CI/CD Pipeline

In this article, we will explore how Tailscale can help alleviate network and security challenges throughout the CI/CD process.

Check out our full learning library here.

If you have a topic you’d like to see covered, send us a tweet @Tailscale.

We’re hiring!

🚀Tailscale keeps on growing… and we’re hiring! We’re looking for driven individuals who think differently, enjoy collaborating with highly technical remote teams, and are comfortable working asynchronously. See open roles at our Careers page, and learn more about our company vision.

That’s all for now. Stay well!

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