We’re building the new Internet.

Small, trusted, human-scale networks.

We’re returning to the original vision of the Internet. We want to help everyone create their own secure networks built around their social connections.

Whether you want to connect with your co-workers to share a prototype, the company database to securely access information, or your family members to share files and photos, Tailscale makes networking safe and understandable.

We’re working to remove overhead and complexity from the “long tail” of software and operational problems that people face every day. By making connectivity easier and more secure, we empower small teams to build systems that scale, without scaling overhead.

Our guiding principles

Real people solving concrete problems.

Decentralization, encryption, and scalability are means to an end, not the ends in themselves. We’re here to solve tech problems for diverse teams in diverse industries, and our team is diverse and empathetic to match.

Small is beautiful.

We don’t believe in huge teams or huge clusters. We don’t believe workers are interchangeable. We believe that excellent, small teams produce excellent, beautiful, coherent outcomes that large teams, and large networks, just can’t replicate.

It has to "just work."

This should be standard, but surprisingly it’s not, because system reliability is hard. It might not be glamorous or shiny, but our job is to do the boring parts and get out of the way, so customers can get back to the work that matters to them.

Our team

Building a better Internet requires a team that is representative of its users. Tailscalars come from a variety of professional, personal, and ethnic backgrounds.
Portrait of Mel Haasch
Portrait of Tim Walters
Portrait of Arvind Venkataramani
Portrait of Bailey Jayes
Portrait of Kevin Liang
Portrait of Richard Castro
Portrait of Andrea Gottardo
Portrait of Jenin Um
Portrait of Jairo Camacho
Portrait of Greg Norton
Portrait of Becka Mintz
Portrait of Jackie Pruter
Portrait of Marwan Sulaiman
Portrait of DeAndre Harris O'Kelley
Portrait of Rhea Ghosh
Portrait of Aileen Allen
Portrait of Ben Lee-Cohen
Portrait of Kabir Sikand
Portrait of James Sanderson
Portrait of Pouyan Aminian
Portrait of Sam Linville
Portrait of Cameron Stokes
Portrait of Blake Mattos
Portrait of Anishka Singh
Portrait of Jamie Burton
Portrait of Christine Lee
Portrait of Deidra Klieb
Portrait of Laurel Kiskanyan
Portrait of Tyler Smalley
Portrait of Kevin Kotecki
Portrait of Lana Kairos
Portrait of Taylor Udvari
Portrait of Jeremy Tanner
Portrait of Parker Higgins
Portrait of Claire Wang
Portrait of Shayne Sweeney
Portrait of Katie Reese
Portrait of Salman
Portrait of Anton Tolchanov
Portrait of Nwokedi Mbanugo
Portrait of Kristoffer Dalby
Portrait of Michael Fromberger
Portrait of Fran Bull
Portrait of Andrew Dunham
Portrait of Garrett Orsech
Portrait of Kylie Fisher
Portrait of Danny Pagano
Portrait of Jeff Spencer
Portrait of Jessie Obeng
Portrait of Chris Chang
Portrait of Sandy Petinakis
Portrait of Elise Cedre
Portrait of Hailey Irvin
Portrait of Will Norris
Portrait of KaShonna Evans
Portrait of Jordan Whited
Portrait of Melanie Warrick
Portrait of Miriah Peterson
Portrait of Tom Anello
Portrait of Keli Velázquez
Portrait of Michael Labrecque-Jessen
Portrait of Deva Santiago
Portrait of Tom DʼNetto
Portrait of James Tucker
Portrait of Jenny Zhang
Portrait of Nick OʼNeill
Portrait of Nae Morris
Portrait of Billy McGee
Portrait of Walter Poupore
Portrait of Jay Stapleton
Portrait of Greg McClement
Portrait of Dave Anderson
Portrait of Aaron Klotz
Portrait of Ramya Nagarajan
Portrait of Alessandro Mingione
Portrait of Charlotte Brandhorst-Satzkorn
Portrait of Joe Tsai
Portrait of Adrian Dewhurst
Portrait of Maisem Ali
Portrait of Maya Kaczorowski
Portrait of Xe Iaso
Portrait of Brad Fitzpatrick
Portrait of David Carney
Portrait of David Crawshaw
Portrait of Denton Gentry
Portrait of Ross Zurowski
Portrait of Sonia Appasamy
Portrait of Avery Pennarun
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Our commitment

People first

Listening to a range of voices leads to a product and a company that’s better for everyone. As a diverse team we work together to understand the challenges our users face. This allows us to build a product that makes physical and virtual communities feel successful, safe and secure.

An inclusive workplace starts with a team that is not bound by geographical location, lifestyle, or life stage, which is why we are proudly, and always have been, a fully remote company with flexible working hours. Whether a mid-afternoon kids’ soccer match, time with family on the other side of the country, or an emergency vet visit, employees are trusted and respected to manage their time and projects around their life.

Diverse teams have diverse interests and voices. Whether on the Tailscale blog, or personal Twitter accounts, Tailscale celebrates communicating freely and safely, in each person’s own voice.

Supporting open source

Open source is the present and future of software development. Writing software ought not be zero-sum. Tailscale is open source at its core. It’s also free for open-source projects.

Tailscale is built on WireGuard, specifically wireguard-go. We upstream changes that help other users of the project. We also support WireGuard with financial donations.

Many Tailscalars are active in the Go community, and contribute to the project and community. When we develop features that help everyone, we upstream them. And it’s not just Go. Our team has many passions, from NixOS to SQLite.

Protecting user privacy

Privacy is a fundamental human right, and we designed Tailscale accordingly. We don’t want your data. Your data is end-to-end encrypted and transmitted point-to-point so we don’t see your packets and don’t have to pay for them, which keeps our costs low, which means our free plan can stay free. We don’t capture any more of your data than needed to provide the service, as in our privacy policy.

Tailscale networks are private. Only connect with people you’ve explicitly invited, and only share what and when you want to share.

We augment privacy with transparency and knowledge. For example, we make sure you know before you access a shared node, that your public IP address will be visible to admins on that tailnet.

Trusted by world-class investors

Our team is backed by investors with decades of history with companies like us.

Our advisors

We’re supported by a network of advisors with deep expertise in developer tools, networking security, and more.

Amit Kumar

Amit Kumar

Partner at Accel and Board Member

Andy McLoughlin
Uncork Capital

Andy McLoughlin

Partner at Uncork and co-founder of Huddle

Reid Christian

Reid Christian

Partner at CRV

Rebecca Liu-Doyle
Insight Partners

Rebecca Liu-Doyle

Director at Insight Partners

Joseph Ruscio
HeavyBit Industries

Joseph Ruscio

Partner at HeavyBit and founder of Librato

Jason Donenfeld

Jason Donenfeld

WireGuard Creator and Technical Advisor

Abel Mathew

Abel Mathew

CTO at Sauce Labs and founder of Backtrace.io

Raymond Colletti

Raymond Colletti

Former VP at Codecov, Director at DataDog

Shelly Glennon

Shelly Glennon


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