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Tailscale updated our terms and conditions today. Specifically, we updated our Terms of Service and our Privacy Policy.

We can’t summarize the changes, because, well, we’re not lawyers, and lawyers like it when we link to the full language of the change — apparently if you don’t talk in legalese, it’s not legal!

We are, however, developers. Developers are familiar with diffs. So, what if we just gave you a diff of the terms? (It’s way better than trying to piece it together yourself using the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine.) We already use git to track changes to our internal security policies. So, we’ve done the same here — our legal terms and conditions now have their source of truth on GitHub, in the tailscale/terms-and-conditions repo.

In addition to allowing you to easily see a particular diff (like today’s), putting our terms on GitHub means you can see how they change over time. And, you can watch the repo to be notified of any new or upcoming changes. (h/t to GitHub for inspiration)

If you’re not already aware of all of our terms, policies, and various other compliance docs, check out our Compliance page. Like and subscribe to our terms!

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