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April Tailscale newsletter

3 minsApril 19 2024
Parker Higgins
Parker Higgins

Spring is here in earnest, and we’ve got security on the brain as we head into RSAC, one of our biggest events all year. We love meeting with Tailscale users at events big and small, and hearing about everything from elaborate homelab set-ups to complex deploys across multiple datacenters. Often we hear both from the same user: someone who found Tailscale in a personal context and valued its security and ease-of-use, and then brought it to work and got their team on board. This month we’ve got updates from the team and from around the web — let’s dive right in.

Product updates

Tailscale SSH is now Generally Available
We’re thrilled to announce that Tailscale SSH is now Generally Available. Tailscale SSH allows Tailscale to manage the authentication and authorization of SSH connections on your tailnet. Combined with other enterprise features like user and group provisioning with SCIM, you can use Tailscale SSH to craft a fully zero-trust remote access solution.

Better enterprise security with Tailscale
With Tailscale, organizations can easily create software-defined perimeters across their environments to enforce the principle of least privilege everywhere. And they can do so without ever exposing their private networks to the public internet.

New video: Remotely access Home Assistant via Tailscale for free
April Tailscale newsletterInvalid DateHome Assistant has become the behemoth in the open source home automation space, and Tailscale can help you access your install while you’re on the go. In our latest video, Alex walks you through the ins and outs of using Home Assistant away from home.

Community highlights

Casey Liss review of Tailscale

“Has anyone told you the good word about Tailscale? If not, I’m here to do it right now. … There’s so much to unpack here; I’ve only glanced off the outer atmosphere. Tailscale gets my highest recommendation.”

Deploying Tailscale for a remote only company

mrz kicks off an in-depth multi-part series with a description of useful patterns in deploying Tailscale at a remote company. “This isn’t just replacing the physical doors on a central data center with a virtual abstraction, but allowing for a fine grained flow of traffic between systems and services in infrastructure.”

Also definitely worth checking out the deep dives into App Connectors and our Kubernetes Operator from the same series.

SimplyMinimal: Tailscale Network Topology Mapper

Python project to visualize Tailscale ACLs. “I occasionally find myself just wanting to get a glance of how my ACL rules look without reading through the code. This is also useful for showing how our policies are set up to people who are not devs by trade.”

Tailscale IRL

New webinar: Tailscale & AWS: Enterprise Cloud Networking Simplified

In this webinar featuring Maximiliano Paz, a Senior Solutions Architect from Amazon Web Services, we will cover how to connect to your AWS resources easily and securely with Tailscale modernized networking.

When: April 30 at 1pm Eastern / 10am Pacific

DevOpsDays Austin

Tailscale is sponsoring this local developer conference now in its 12th year.

Where: Austin, Texas
When: May 2-3

BSides SF

Tailscale is hosting an after-hours meetup at BSides on Saturday, May 4, from 7:30-9:30. Register to join us for this happy hour!

Where: San Francisco, CA
When: May 4-5


Tailscale is once again sponsoring and exhibiting at this leading global event for cybersecurity professionals. Come say hello at our booth in the North Hall at #4300, and stay tuned for more information about our presence at the event.

Where: San Francisco, CA
When: May 6-9

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