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Taking Tailscale to the cloud with AWS

2 minsApril 17 2024
Rachele GyorffyMike Gemmati
Rachele Gyorffy & Mike Gemmati

Tailscale is now an authorized member of the AWS Partner Network, making it easier for users to deploy and configure our secure WireGuard®-based mesh network in their AWS environments. From teams with a few cloud servers to businesses with complex enterprise deployments, Tailscale can simplify remote access connections, improve security practices, and keep compliance obligations in check.

Interested to learn more about using Tailscale and AWS together? Join us on April 30 for a webinar co-hosted with Max Paz, Sr., Solutions Architect at AWS, “Tailscale & AWS: Enterprise Cloud Networking Simplified.” We’ll give practical tips and demos on how Tailscale can simplify connectivity and security in conjunction with your AWS environment.

Tailscale + AWS

Tailscale is now listed on the AWS Marketplace. Users already in the AWS ecosystem benefit from fast deployment, consolidated billing, and the ability to use pre-committed spend with AWS to purchase Tailscale.

If you’ve used a legacy VPN for remote access to cloud workloads, you are already familiar with the shortcomings: From frequent disconnects to high latency due to inefficient backhauls, the limitations of a traditional VPN architecture create a constant challenge for users connecting to critical cloud-hosted services — and the IT leaders trying to support them.

By contrast, Tailscale was built with the flexibility of the cloud in mind. And over years of helping customers deploy in AWS environments, we’ve continually refined and optimized our client to work even better in those settings. The result is a full-featured solution that complements AWS workflows and provides not only secure remote access, but also high availability across zones, subnet routing, and granular segmentation and micro-segmentation.

More resources

For AWS and Tailscale users, we’ve published a unified landing page collecting links to documentation, case studies, knowledge base guides, blogs, our AWS Reference Architecture, and more. These resources can enable you to quickly integrate Tailscale for secure remote access to AWS resources, and also develop solutions to more complex requirements.

If you have any questions, reach out to and our team can walk through your use case and offer best practices.

And finally, please do join us for the “Tailscale & AWS: Enterprise Cloud Networking Simplified” webinar on April 30, co-hosted by a team of Tailscale Solutions Engineers and an AWS Solutions Architect. Attendance is free, and registration is required.

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